As a gym owner, your goal is to help people get fit, improve their lives and become the people they want to be. Some go beyond being a personal trainer by constantly engaging with their clients while some opt for publishing informative content for a gym that motivates people to a healthier lifestyle. The more people a gym motivates, the more successful they become — and well known gym brands swear by this.

Investing on promoting health and wellness is almost a no-brainer for wellness businesses that has been in the industry for a very long time. They swear by the results of great marketing efforts and are constantly in search for new marketing strategies to keep up with the changing wellness industry.

But for fairly new gym owners, navigating the world of health and wellness marketing can be overwhelming. Some have difficulty identifying which strategy can help them increase visibility and avoid membership slumps. But if there’s anything seasoned gyms can advise, its that great content marketing for gyms go a very long way. 

Whether it’s website designed ideas like blog posts or materials for social media marketing like infographics, engaging and effective content ideas is sure to benefit both gym owners and members. 

And to get started, let’s discuss one of the most trusted strategies in marketing gymscontent marketing!

Why Blog Posts Work 

As business owners, you probably have heard of this before — writing is king. In today’s digital world, content is the key factor behind the success of several wellness brands around the world. Not only does it increase both brand visibility and brand awareness, it also creates more value for the brand!

Curating informative content for gyms builds authority and credibility. Website visitors will start to see your brand as an industry leader and expert that they can trust. Furthermore, content marketing is really inexpensive!

For instance, starting your wellness blog would only mean dedicating your time coming up with content for gyms that can be of help to your viewers. And as for your gym social media content, you can create infographics based on the blog posts already available on your website so visitors on the go can easily access information!

Additionally, content marketing plays a vital role in SEO campaigns. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a digital marketing strategy that revolves around increasing the quantity and quality of traffic a website receives. Brands strategically target keywords related to their products or services using curated content like blog posts. 

SEO campaigns and content marketing efforts are done simultaneously despite the common misconceptions that they can be implemented as separate campaigns. While it may be true that they are different from one another in several areas, they can’t be separated. 

While content marketing focuses on a broader and more holistic approach to moving audiences, SEO focuses on ensuring your gym website content has all its technical needs to reach your audience. 

For an SEO campaign to be successful, it needs great content and content marketing campaigns focuses on great content that moves people!

gym social media content wellness marketing content marketing create membership postsWriting Great Blogs For Gyms

Now, admittedly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the steps that it takes to develop your gym’s wellness blog. But to ensure that you don’t miss anything, we’ve listed down all the things you need!

Great Websites, More Traffic

A point often overlooked when it comes to content marketing and search engine optimization is that web design matters. Your inspirational blog posts wouldn’t be viewed by Google if your website’s template does not have the SEO fundamentals it needs. 

Hence, it’s important to first ensure your site is up to date so that its content can easily be optimized! If you’re unsure of how you can update your website, don’t be afraid to reach out to professional web designers.

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, SEO functions with several moving parts. And besides content that should be optimized, a site also needs off-page fundamentals for it to be truly optimized. So, to make sure that your site makes it way to the right people and to maintain a great SEO campaign, your site needs to be updated!

Developing Your Game Plan

Before starting a brainstorming session for gym website content, your content marketing campaign should first have a strategy. 

Just like any other marketing effort, your wellness blog should start with a game plan. Start by looking into your targeted audience and learning more about them. Take a look at the things they often generally search for when visiting a wellness blog — do they look for beginner workout routines or new diet regimens?

You can conduct surveys within your members or ask your personal trainers about the questions they frequently get from clients. Learning about your targeted audience is crucial as it acts as the foundation of the kind of blog posts you’ll create and the message you will send. 

Afterwards, you can start curating your targeted keywords! Both the topics and keywords you’ve gathered will determine the content of your blog posts. For instance, if at-home workout sessions are what your targeted audience looks for the most, blog posts that come with high quality workout videos will work best!

Creating Blogs That Moves People

Hopping on the fitness journey can be more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge for some people. There are individuals who need that extra encouragement to go to the gym. Hence, it’s best for gyms and other fitness brands to focus on inspiring people and promoting fitness instead of focusing on profit and visibility. 

Taking an overview of the most effective health and fitness marketing campaigns, we’ve observed that encouragement is a key point in developing content. Some brands would have motivational phrases scattered all over their website’s home page and some would go as far as to ensure the copy of their call to action boxes and contact information page can move audiences. 

Create blog posts that focuses on motivation by featuring inspiring fitness journeys of your personal trainers or clients. Discuss the struggles they’ve went through before they were able to successfully lead a healthier life! Aside from this, you can also write about incremental steps people can take towards wellness with healthy meals. 

It must be remembered that a large majority of consumers often look up gyms before signing up for memberships. And people who are not into working out are likely to go to providers that motivate individuals like them! 

Spreading Health And Wellness

Make the most out of your fitness blog by promoting and sharing it through your social media accounts! 

Much of today’s consumers spend much of their time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you want your blog posts to reach more people, don’t be afraid to share snippets of it through your accounts! By doing so, you are exposing your content to individuals outside of your targeted audience!

Fitting Ideas For Blog Posts

As experts on fitness, it shouldn’t be too hard to write in-depth articles on health and wellness but the real dilemma lies on grabbing the attention of your targeted audience.

And being the saturated market that it is, the fitness industry offers hundred of thousands of blog posts from several gyms and other fitness centers. Hence, it’s crucial for new businesses to come up with ideas that are fresh and unique!

With this in mind, we’ve listed down some of the things you can do to make the content of your blog posts more captivating!

Partnering With A General Practitioner

A large number of consumers purchasing gym memberships are following their doctor’s recommendations. For instance, those at-risk for diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes hit the gym for their regular physical activity. Individuals with cardiovascular diseases are also prescribed their regular dose of exercise. This is because regular exercise is one of the greatest preventative medicines out there.

With this in mind, why not invite a doctor over! You can collaborate on a think-piece on your blog regarding the science between workouts and cardiovascular diseases. Other else than that, you could also debunk some of the common misconceptions around health and wellness.

People will likely view your brand as a business that truly cares for its customers. Not only are writing blog posts that motivate them, you’re also working with general practitioners to ensure that their memberships benefit them greatly!

Feature Corporate Fitness Challenges

A large majority of corporations today work hard to ensure that their workforce stays mentally and physically healthy. As a matter of fact, businesses often invest in events like team buildings to improve both morale and physical health.

In line with this, you can create blogs discussing the different fitness challenges corporations can set for their employees! The competitions to be featured should not only address fitness, but should also be able to tackle healthy rivalry as well as teamwork. Aside from promoting regular exercise to the working class, it opens up an opportunity for your gym to collaborate with corporations for group workout sessions.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned earlier, most people turn to search engines like Google for answers on fitness-related questions. With this purpose in mind, you can write in-depth pieces answering the most frequently asked questions.

You can start the series by gathering the most common questions your personal trainers get from their clients. Dedicate a blog post for each question and discuss things in-depth. By doing so, your gym’s website grows to become a great source for useful information.

Furthermore, these blog posts can be used to create educational videos as well as info graphic that you can then share on your social media accounts.

Discuss Mental Health

Health organizations have made it clear last year — the American population’s mental health is worsening each year. One in five adults in the US have experienced mental illness while 17% of the younger generation are experiencing a mental health disorder.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness have emphasized the importance of learning just how common mental illnesses are. By doing so, people get a better understanding of its physical and social impact.

A lot of wellness brands in the previous years have advocated for better healthcare in terms of mental health — and it’s not too late for you to join them! Use your blog as a platform to help spread public awareness and discuss how regular exercise helps alleviate the negative effects of mental illness.

Wellness For Everyone

There’s often a misconception that going to the gym and working out is only for a specific type of person. But in the contrary, fitness is versatile enough to be part of everyone’s lives. Break the stigma by writing blog posts that invite different kinds of people — from the youngest generations to the oldest!

For instance, you can discuss how active pregnant women can continue their routines through workouts meant for them and their babies. You can also write about regimens meant for those recovering from life-changing injuries. As an expert in your field, your gym’s wellness blog must be able to touch the hearts of those who think exercising is impossible.

Getting Into Sports

Another great topic you can write about is sports! Getting into sports is a lot more easier for people than motivating themselves to hit the gym. With this in mind, discuss the different fun sports people can get into!

Explore different dance classes apt for beginners or consult with your personal trainers and have them talk about their favorite sports that got them into fitness! This is another great way for your wellness blog to be a source of motivation for those both athletic people and not so athletic individuals!

Healthy and Budget-friendly Meals

Exploring healthier diet is almost common for every wellness blog but you can elevate this further by discussing how beginners can improve their eating habits slowly! Admittedly, starting a diet regimen can be pretty hard for most people. So instead of writing about heavily restrictive meal plans, discuss the small changes that they can do.

Additionally, you can also write about how your members can develop meal plans the works well with their current workouts! Start by discussing how they can make a daily menu for themselves depending on their routines and budget of choice. Inspire people to a healthier lifestyle by providing them with meals accessible to them.

Get Help on Creating Blog Posts For Your Gym

Creating blog posts for gyms is never easy, but it is incredibly effective. If you find yourself struggling to come up with great ideas, reach out to our experienced team. Our writers will help you produce the types of articles your customers want to read.

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