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7 Truths You Should Know Before Hiring a Branding and Design Agency

There are moments in which you need the help of a professional to leverage your business to the next level. Creatitive is a pivotal-moment brand agency to fulfill your branding and design needs. As always, we want to add value to our loyal audience by providing insights about what branding companies do. Before hiring a…

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How to Develop a Brand Strategy Framework? Best Tips and 4-Winning Solutions

A successful brand strategy is a systematic plan to accomplish long-term objectives that ultimately lead to people recognizing and loving your brand. Many people feel that developing a brand strategy is restricted to designing a stylish logo or a memorable tagline —but that’s not quite right. Your brand should stand out from a crowd of…

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Brand Build 101 | Leverage your Brand | Leverage your Website

Web Design vs. Web Development: The Significant Roles These Two Play for Your Brand

All the eye-catching and powerful websites you see on the Internet are the accumulative effort of web designers and web developers. Individuals new to web development commonly use “web designers” and “web developers” together, yet these are two different professions.  For instance, low-budget companies rarely hire the services of a web designer; instead, they delegate…