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Brand Build 101 | Leverage your Brand

Brand Design Inspiration: Tips + Examples

Ever wondered how brand design can be a game-changer? Need help garnering inspiration? Take a cue from Nike’s success story. In this blog, we’ll share eight tips to find your branding inspiration. Read on to stay ahead in the world of branding and discover the four pillars of brand design. What’s Brand Design? Let’s kick…

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Brand Build 101 | Leverage Marketing | Leverage your Brand

Branding or Marketing: Which Came First?

In this blog, we’ll dig up in the relationship between branding and marketing, the key differences, and why they can’t be separated. At the end of it, you’ll learn which comes first and why. Is branding an urgent investment for your business? Let’s jump right in! What’s a Brand Strategy? A brand strategy isn’t just…

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Brand Build 101 | Leverage your Brand

The Future of Activewear Design

In this blog, we’ll explore historical context, market status, statistics, predictions, and the rise of athleisure. Let’s jump right in. Historical Context Back in the day, consumers did not get why someone would even wear denim and activewear shirts. Simply put, combining denim with your favorite sports team jersey was completely out, ugly and other-not-so-friendly-tags….