Fitness Business Ideas: Be Involved in the Health Industry

fitness business ideas

Fitness Business Ideas: Be Involved in the Health Industry

You’re passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. You want to bring your passion for exercise in the world and help others meet their goals, but where do you fit in? There are dozens of fitness businesses that you can become a part of or start on your own. You just need to think outside the box. Here are some of the best fitness business ideas to consider when you’re looking to make your mark.



1. Personal Trainer or Personal Training

When most people start thinking about a new fitness business ideas, the first career that comes to mind is becoming a personal trainer. In this role as an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to help people reach their personal fitness goals and improve their wellness. You’ll help people in different stages of wellness and can make a huge difference in their quality of life by helping them with personal training.

Learn some of today’s exercise trends and see which strategies you can apply as a trainer. And if you need help with your personal fitness business name ideas, don’t fret, there are always experts that can help you with this stuff.

2. Gym or Studio Owner

If you’re not a huge fan of working for someone else as a trainer, become a gym or fitness studio owner. By opening your own small business studio or taking advantage of different fitness business idea opportunities or franchises, you’ll be in charge of your own future. Keep in mind that, as a business owner, you’ll also need to market your new studio. An experienced fitness marketing agency can help you understand your brand’s message and create a long-term strategy for success so you can grow your business with ease.

3. Independent Supplement Sales Rep

Selling supplements and representing larger brands as an independent sales rep or entrepreneur is one of the fastest growing online fitness business ideas out there. You pay the parent company for the products you sell and use your connections and marketing skills to encourage others to buy those products. You’ll also want to work with a fitness marketing agency to help spread your message successfully.

4. Fitness Blogger

If you’re not the type of person who wants to seek out individual clients, but still wants to help others improve their health, consider becoming an online fitness blogger. It is one of the best ideas in the fitness industry. As a blogger, you’ll write informative and photo-rich articles that others can use to learn new exercise routines, diet tips, and anything else you think is relevant. Ideally, you’ll write these posts yourself, but you can outsource the task to an experienced blog writing service.

Blogging is also one of the great fitness business ideas a small business could adapt! If you’re a small business owner who wants to promote its wellness studio online, you can discuss training and other wellness trends while advertising your own products.

5. Fitness Vlogger

Vloggers are the bloggers of the video world. If you’re a fitness entrepreneur or a personal trainer who wants to expand their reach beyond their community, posting videos, tutorials, recipes, and other health-related content is one of today’s greatest and easiest fitness business ideas. Videos often appeal to a different audience than blogs and by combining the two, you’ll maximize your outreach—making it a great fitness business idea. As your viewership grows, you can earn money through sponsorships, advertisements, and even viewer donations.

There are about hundreds of personal trainers who have made a solid career out of their respective Youtube accounts—even different studios have made extra income and exposure through personal training videos. Make the time to create informative videos discussing the latest wellness trends and see your account grow!

6. Author

For people looking to capitalize on their new fitness business ideas, writing and publishing a book is a wonderful choice. You can write about anything you find interesting or valuable and once you publish it, you can sell the book online, through your website, or in local bookstores and studios. Most fitness authors also work as a sales rep, personal trainer, or studio owner to further maximize their potential earnings.

7. P.E. Instructor

Not all fitness instructors like working with adults—some specialize in working with children. If you’re one of them, consider becoming a physical education instructor and start helping kids stay active and set good habits early on. Depending on where you live, you may need to fulfil set requirements before you can start teaching. 

If you don’t want to work in a school setting, consider opening a kid-friendly studio and become your city’s first kid-friendly personal trainer! You’ll still be able to encourage good habits and foster their interest in fitness, but you’ll be able to do it on your own terms.

Ultimately, looking for niches around personal training is another one of those great fitness business ideas that you can explore!

8. Physical Therapist or Therapy Aid

One of the best new fitness ideas for business is becoming a physical therapist, therapy aid, or massage therapist. These people help individuals overcome injuries and rebuild their strength so they can get back on their feet.

Most professionals will need to market their practice to attract clients. However, you may be able to find wellness franchise opportunities that can help you grow your client base through already-established brand recognition.

9. Nutritionist

There’s more to health than building strength and improving fitness. You still need to eat right. Nutritionists help individuals, athletes, and everyone in-between figure out what to eat, how much to eat, and what their bodies need to function at 100 percent. Becoming a nutritionist does require extensive education, but it can result in a consistent career.

10. Fitness Clothing Retailer

When it comes to innovative fitness business ideas, selling cutting edge athletic clothing is always a great option. Once you find a manufacturer, you can handle most of your sales online and won’t have to worry about having a physical storefront unless you want to.

11. Acupuncture Clinic

Before wellness became a really big thing in the US, it’s very rare for people to see an acupuncture studio. And whenever they do encounter a small business similar to it, they often get squeamish at the idea of using needles to relax.

But now that several studies have been done around the effectivity of acupuncture as well as other traditional medicines, almost everyone’s excited to try it out! While the startup cost is relatively low if you start small, acupuncture therapy requires advance knowledge. So before you start planning your small business or your studio, do your research.

Make sure that your acupuncturists and staff have had enough experience handling the therapy.

Is Fitness Business Really Profitable?

With so much hype around fitness business ideas, it leaves people thinking about whether the fitness industry is really as profitable as the rest of the world makes it to be.

According to Statista, the market size of the fitness industry is projected to be around $87.23 billion in 2019 alone—with over 201,000 clubs and centres around the world. And with millions of members all around the globe, the industry is predicted to grow at a yearly rate of 8.7%.

Now here’s the thing, there are now about a hundred ways consumers can stay at home to workout—are fitness business ideas more profitable? Definitely! The International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association has said that the fitness industry in the US has been expanding by at least 3-4% annually for the last ten years and contrary to popular belief, it shows no sign of slowing down.

At the end of the day, it’s all about developing a new offering to your consumers!

Fitness and wellness are people’s passion

Wellness and fitness have become a bit of a buzzword in some circles, leaving the rest of us wondering just what it entails. It is simply a catch-all term referring to the process of improving our quality of life through holistic practices. A holistic practice is any method or process which treats us as a whole – mind, body, and soul. Seeking wellness puts us on the path to improving our wellness in every area – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Meditation, prayer, healthy eating and drinking, going to yoga studio, exercise, and positive thinking are some of the most common forms of preserving and enhancing wellness.

Now that you better understand the importance of successful fitness and wellness, you have the power to make any necessary changes in your business and lifestyle to enhance your mind, body, and soul. Also, keep in mind that when starting a business in the fitness industry, release all that does not serve you, and practice gratitude daily. Your products and services should start from yourself. That’s one of the best fitness business ideas, practice what you preach.

Once you figure out which part of the fitness industry you want to work in, and realize you need help with your fitness business names ideas, contact us and let our experts help you grow your social media online presence.

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