10 Ways A Strong SEO Campaign Can Benefit Your Athletic Career

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10 Ways A Strong SEO Campaign Can Benefit Your Athletic Career

The most successful professional athletes have a massive number of fans backing their every game. These people don’t just support them when they’re on a particular team—they support them through trades, injuries, and even into retirement. 

For new professionals, reaching that level of greatness can be daunting at best — especially with today’s competitive market. Some people might argue that today’s technology has made things easier for relatively new athletes but some would argue otherwise. 

The same technology they’re hoping would give them the competitive edge they need is the same technology that has aggravated the already competitive nature of the industry. Despite this, athletes shouldn’t be intimidated — because knowing the internet, it still offers hidden gems that can help them like search engine optimization! 

Though seo campaign management has become a staple digital marketing strategy, not everyone knows it well and those who do know it often don’t use it for their athlete’s websites. Experts themselves have a hard time cracking the right formula as search engines like Google are constantly on their feet, updating their respective algorithms. 

If you’re yet to launch your local seo campaign, now’s the perfect time to do so! A solid SEO campaign can help you reach more people and find a solid fan base that will support you for years to come.

But before anything else, let’s first discuss what SEO is and why it matters most today.

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For most people on the internet, search engines like Google is the best way to find accurate information on different topics. Whether it be normal questions or solutions to complex problems, millions of users look up to search engines for answers. 

For instance, if users look for information on ‘sports marketing’, 65% of them will pick one of the first five suggestions that appears in the search engine results pages or SERPS. Marketers saw the large pool of opportunity search engine ranking offers and thought they can leverage it by owning one of those positions. 

As a result, experts came up with a process that increases the quality and quantity of website traffic called search engine optimization! Using a set of ranking factors, brands optimize their websites and its pages so it can achieve higher visibility on SERPs. 

Not only is SEO campaign great for increasing search volumes for a page, it can also improve user experience with technical SEO strategies! And while it may be true that social media is the greatest way to increase brand awareness, SEO remains to account for 83% of the traffic from search engines! 

As mentioned earlier, users trust search engines the most — and they are likely to trust the websites and the pages they initially see on SERPs. Having a high search engine ranking would mean easy promotion for your remaining social media accounts. 

And though the nature of SEO can be pretty radical, the process has proven itself to be effective regardless of the trends that come and go. Search engines will continue to reward great websites as the years go on. 

10 Ways Effective Optimization Helps

Admittedly, learning and mastering SEO takes time — hence the demand for experts who know their way around Google Analytics and keyword ranking created a niche for SEO agencies! 

Athletes no longer have to worry about learning the complicated process of optimization and keywords as marketing experts are here to help. But despite this, the often intimidating price of seo campaigns intimidate smaller brands. 

With this in mind, Creatitive has listed down 10 ways effective SEO can help athletes! 

  1. Helps You Keep Up with Other Athletes

Every athlete needs a good website that’s both easy for search engines to find and for your fans to use. Your website is always a priority with your sports SEO campaign and the more optimized it is, the better. 

With the right keywords, on-page seo tactics and website design, you’ll reach more people! Keep up with your competition by providing your fans a website that’s inline with your entire brand. Think about how people perceive your brand and keep it in mind while updating your website. 

  1. You Won’t Have to Pay for Ads

The main goal of SEO campaigns is improve the quality and quantity of traffic of your website, organically. No need for you to save up a large amount of money on paid ads, optimization can increase your sales for you without breaking the bank! 

Great content and effective optimization strategies can do this for you and more. And with a higher position on search results, people will feel more compelled to purchase your merchandise. Unbeknownst to many, about 70% to 80% of end-users focus on organic results instead of ads. 

While Google Ads still offer great visibility for websites and pages, SEO offers more lasting results for a cost-efficient tag price.

  1. You’ll Set Yourself Up for Future Success

Search engine optimization is one of those long-term digital marketing strategies that ensures steady growth as the years come. 

This is why most athletes don’t hesitate on investing in SEO campaigns — they produce great results that last for a very long time! Though admittedly, results may come at a slow pace, athletes are ensured they are growing their following with or without paid campaigns. 

  1. Your Merchandise Sales will Increase

For professional athletes, merchandise brings in a nice side income during the offseason, but it also provides you with free campaigns! 

If your website features an online store for your merchandise, this serves as more of a reason as to why you should have an SEO campaign. It must be remembered that optimization does not start and end with great content and search rankings, stellar user experience also accounts for a website’s overall ranking!

  1. They Provide 24/7 Promotions

Ads, commercials, and internet advertisements only last for a few seconds. This means it’s hard to share your personality with countless people.

Search engine optimization services allow you to produce 24/7 promotions that leave your fans feeling like they watched yet another commercial! You’ll gain their trust with pages that have great content and reach people even when they’re just searching the internet. 

  1. It Makes You Look More Professional

Without a user-friendly website that’s easy for search engines to find, you run the risk of being mistaken for an amateur. A solid SEO campaign that employs good on-page seo strategies will help make your online presence look as professional as you feel when you’re in the middle of a game.


  1. You’ll Outpace Older and More Traditional Athlete Marketing Plans

Believe it or not, a lot of older or more established athletes are incredibly behind on their sports marketing plans and strategies. Use this as an opportunity. The right campaign can help you outpace those older marketing plans and eventually eclipse them altogether. 

Devoting time to both on page and off page SEO is important, no matter where you are in your athletic career, because it will help you rise to the top of Google search results.

  1. The Services Save You Time

Search engine optimization may be a long-term strategy, but once it’s set up, it continues to drive traffic to your website and increase sales on its own. This means you’ll spend less time worrying about updates or crafting the perfect ads to attract new fans and increase your reach. 

Over the years, this means you’ll have more time to devote to the things you enjoy doing rather than focusing solely on your athlete marketing plan.

  1. Makes Fan Engagement Easy

People rely on their phones far more than they do their computers. Search engine optimization services make your website usable on mobile devices. 

This means people can access your site and engage with your content on the go with ease. It shows that you’re up with the latest technology and tells fans that you just get them.

  1. It’s Long-Lasting

Search management is well worth the investment. Though optimization tactics are almost constantly changing, once you find something that works for your website and your fanbase, it lasts. 

You may still have to follow the trends, but results will continue to thrive even when ads expire. The end result is a campaign that attracts the types of fans you want.

A Comprehensive Guide to Optimization

For individuals that are not well-versed enough on digital marketing, the term search engine optimization alone can be intimidating. But basically, it is the way of improving your website’s search engine ranking!

Whenever you publish a page on your site, Google crawls your site to determine its importance and ranking. Whenever someone looks up your target keyword, Google will show the URL of your site if it’s a good match!

Typically, SEO goes through three main stages; technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. 

Technical Optimizing

Crawling usually happens during the technical stage of optimization alongside indexing. Search engine indexing is where the storing of information happens. After crawlers go through your site, the information they’ve gathered will be organized. And once it’s been indexed, it’ll be displayed as a result to the most relevant queries. 

Websites usually only have to go through technical SEO one time. Afterwards, on-page optimization takes place! 

On-page SEO

This specific stage mainly focuses on the content of the websites such as target keywords, images and inbound link! They are factors that help crawlers understand the meaning and the context of its content. If done correctly, it has the ability to improve the credibility of your blog! 

Additionally, it’s during this stage when content marketing usually comes in. Content marketing uses valuable content to drive profitable actions from customers. All the while on-page SEO uses certain factors to ensure people actually see these content. 

Off-page SEO

Lastly, off-page seo is where marketers use tools beyond websites in further improving its website. Take for instance, link building or backlinking!

Backlinks help determine the position of a site. They act as a signal of trust and have the power to heavily affect your site’s ranking position. Google has a specific guideline on how websites get their links and any violation could result in penalties. 

If you want to earn more links for the website, it’s best that you focus on creating great content! You can purchase links but this option is more costly and inefficient, especially when a new algorithm update comes! 

Target Keywords And How to Find Them

Another crucial step to optimization of websites is keyword research. Despite it being considered as the foundation of most optimization campaigns, some people take it for granted.

Aside from customer profiles, keyword research is one of the most effective ways brands can keep in touch with their audiences. Furthermore, it acts as the blueprint for your entire campaign!

It will determine the kind of content your website’s pages will have and will help you figure out the opportunities you can leverage in the future. Search queries can be become a great source for brand new ideas and can even help you develop your brand further to serve your consumers better!

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, hiring an experienced these services can easily help improve your online presence. If you’re looking for a company who can guide you through the process, reach out and schedule a consultation with our team.

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