Are You Making these Mistakes with Your Gym Website?

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Are You Making these Mistakes with Your Gym Website?

The internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. It’s the first place prospective clients look for information about your company, your competition, and your prices. You need to have a great website in place to boost business and show customers that you’re ready to work with them. But for gym owners, creating an eye-catching website can feel like a monumental task. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make mistakes with your gym website. But if you’ know what to watch for, you can improve. Here are a few of the worst mistakes that drive customers away from your business.

Not Showing Off Your Gym’s Unique Traits

What makes your gym stand out from the rest? You have an answer ready when people come to tour the facility. So why aren’t you sharing that with the rest of the world on your gym website? Highlight the things that you do differently and make sure people visiting your site can find that out. This helps drum up interest and encourages people to stop by your facility in the first place.

Not Using Professional Photographs

Cell phone photos may be convenient, but they’re far from ideal. Your website needs high-quality images to show off the space. Make an appointment with a local professional photographer and let them take shots of the facility, your trainers, and your amenities. Leave the cell phone photos for your social media accounts.

Going with a Standard Website Template

Standard website templates are free. But they’re insanely common. And this can mean your website won’t stand out from the competition. Instead of using that free website template, work with a designer to create a custom gym website. This will make your gym stand out from others in the area and makes sure your clients know you’re a privately owned gym, not a low-quality chain.

Get Help from an Expert with Your Gym Website

Creating a great gym website doesn’t have to be a challenge. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and see how a professional marketing team can help you grow your brand and improve your website immediately.

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