Tips On Achieving The Perfect Web Design for Your Sports Team

sports team web design

Tips On Achieving The Perfect Web Design for Your Sports Team

In today’s digital age, it’s not enough for sports teams to just train and work hard all day — they also have to gain the approval of the most important players, their fans. From well-established teams to rookie clubs, both kinds of groups keep their supporters updated through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They maintain their fanbase interested with the help of curated campaigns showcasing exclusive behind the scenes in matches. 

But aside from the already paved road of social media management, what other paths can your newly established team take? Since almost everyone is on every social media platform possible today, where can you plant the seed of your brand? Nowhere else but in your sports club’s official website

Internet’s Greatest Tool

When it comes to learning about a brand, their website is the first thing that comes into the minds of consumers — contrary to popular belief. Though most people might say a brand’s Facebook or Instagram have become the center of its digital marketing campaigns, websites maintains its reputation as a critical factor in establishing an online presence.

As a matter of fact, very few brands have realized the effect of their websites on their perceived credibility. So much so, that a lot of businesses have a hard time turning underperforming websites that actually increase their integrity and client acquisition. 

But just how accurate is this? Well, for one, recent studies have revealed that it only takes about 50 milliseconds for users to come up with an opinion on your website. And the belief they immediately form decides whether they’ll stay or leave it. 

In retrospect, it really is a matter of choice. Any search query offers users multiple options on its search engine results pages and users easily pick which choice they think is better. The emergence of modern technology and the changing consumption habits of people only opened more doors to increase its importance.

So, how will your sports team tap into the idle power of their club website? Sports team web designs is the best place to start. 

Web Design for Sports Teams

Website design carry so much importance aside from convincing aesthetics. As indicated earlier, your official website serves as the door to your supporters and even possible sponsors. Hence, it’s only apt that your team ensures it features important elements of a well-designed website. 

For one, your team website needs to be easy to navigate. Most internet users would prefer that they access the information the need easily, that’s why good navigation matters most. 

Sports fans should be able to easily find player statistics or the latest news through your navigation bar. It should also be simple and self-explanatory, taking into consideration that most of the attention span of users are short. If your users want to learn more about your team members, don’t give them a hard time going through the entire thing just to get to know them better.

Another important factor to keep in mind is ensuring your sports website is mobile friendly, not just visually appealing. Recent studies have revealed that 57% of internet users have said they don’t suggest businesses with websites that aren’t responsive. Nowadays, ensuring a team’s website is fully responsive has become common practice as the kinds of devices used on browsing the internet grew. 

If your design is not responsive, you automatically decrease the chances of your audience having great user experience. Responsive design helps ensure your leads stay on your website longer. In addition to this, 

Lastly, the best sports team websites feature great web designs! From color palettes that match the clubs or teams sigil to easy navigation, great sports team web designs ensures consistency and functionality.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with unique ideas for your club’s website, we’ve listed down the best sports team websites on the internet for some design inspiration!

Inspiring Sports Web Design

Lakes United Seagulls

The website of the well-known Australian Rugby team features an organized navigation bar that comes with a drop down menu. It also offers a search option and provides easy access to other social media profiles. In addition to this, featured news and other articles can be easily seen upon entering the site. 

All in all, Lakes United’s web design carries a simple look coupled with proper visuals. 

Borussia Dortmund

The German sports club made their website stand out by adding designs and animations into its consistent color palette engaging each visitor. The site also showcases a clear presentation of their previous games and upcoming ones in its homepage. 

Visitors can also go to their shop and view some of the official merchandise up for sale. Not to mention that they also decided to offer a 10% discount for those who will sign up with their email addresses!

Fitzroy Football Club

Like Borussia Dortmund, the football club made use of animated call to action buttons on its homepage to invite visitors in! The entire website itself is well organized and structured. The latest updates and tweets can easily be found including player information. Those who choose to shop won’t have a hard time keeping track of how much they’ve spent as the total amount of their cart can easily be seen as well.

The best sports team websites don’t just drag and drop aesthetically pleasing design. Instead, they make sure that their website is as useful as it is pretty. Should you need some help ensuring that your sports team’s web design balances both factors, don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance!

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