A Quick Guide to Sporting Goods Packaging

sporting goods packaging

A Quick Guide to Sporting Goods Packaging

You’ve developed your brand, settled on a logo, and are ready to launch your products. But now you face an entirely new challenge: finding the right sporting goods packaging to protect your products and make it appeal to your customers. The right package can make all the difference in how your products sell and how safe they stay in transit. But there’s more to choosing great packaging than you might think. Use this simple guide to get you started on the right track.

Pay Attention to What You’re Packaging

The type of sporting goods packaging you need will depend on the type of items you’re selling. For soft goods like t-shirts, baseball caps, and other clothing items, all you’ll need is a branded tag. But for more fragile items or smaller trinkets and gear, you’ll want packaging that protects them completely. This can include plastic bubbles mounted on stiff cardboard or fully enclosed boxes with your logo, brand, and product name on them.

Include Relevant Logos, Colors, and Company Names

No matter what you’re selling, people need to know that the products are from your unique brand. This means you’ll want to include your logo, company colors, and of course, your company name on each product. The designs should always be consistent and blend with the rest of your collection to create a more unified appearance.

Don’t Neglect Written Content

You need to communicate your brand clearly. And that means including a written blurb somewhere on the sporting goods packaging. Don’t overthink it—this can be something as simple as instructions on how to use the product and a small bit of information about your company. Or it can be more detailed. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Make Sure You Fulfill Legal Requirements

For some products, there will be legal requirements you’re expected to fulfill with your packaging. These include ingredient and materials warnings, barcodes, association markers and trademarks, and any endorsements you want to advertise. Before rolling out the sporting goods packaging, make sure your legal requirements are satisfied. Otherwise, you’ll have to pull the entire line of packaged goods and repackage them, costing you money and time.

Let a Pro Help

The best way to simplify your sporting goods packaging design process is to work with an experienced team of graphic designers. At Creatitive, we’ll help you find the best packaging for your items and will make sure they work with the rest of your branded materials seamlessly. Schedule a consultation today.