How Blogging Can Improve Your Website’s SEO

How Does Blogging Affect SEO

How Blogging Can Improve Your Website’s SEO

Having a blog on your website can be beneficial for many reasons. A blog gives you a way to establish your credibility as an industry expert, provide valuable insight on topics your audience is interested in, and communicate with your customers. While these are all great benefits of having a blog on your website, by far the greatest benefit is the way it can improve your website’s seo.

Why SEO Is Important

SEO increases traffic to your website by boosting your search engine rankings. People are more likely to click on a website link that appears at the top of Google search results. Chances are, the more click throughs and traffic your website gets, the more conversions you’ll see.

How Does Blogging Affect SEO?

In order to understand how does blogging affect seo, it’s important to know a little bit about the criteria search engines use to determine website rankings.

Website rankings are primarily based on relevance and usefulness, which are calculated through complex algorithms created by Google and other search engines. There are a few ways that a blog can help you make your website look more relevant and useful so that it ranks higher up on search listings.

Fresh content – Google gives priority to content that is newer or more “fresh” because it is current and therefore seen as being more useful and trustworthy. Posting a blog on your website once a week can help tell Google that your website is updated regularly and therefore current.

Link building – A blog offers an opportunity to create internal and external links to your website. External links back to your site help SEO because they indicate to the search engines that other people find information on your site useful. Internal links help search engines access other content/information on your site.

Keyword density – Keywords are words or terms that people use to search for your products or services. A website with a large amount of keyword rich content usually ranks better because the search engines see it as being more useful. Blogging helps seo because blogs contain keyword rich content. The more keyword rich content, the better your search rankings. For more information on this topic, check out our blog What Are Keywords? How Can They Improve Your Google Rankings?

How Long Does It Take to See Improvements?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are over 200 Google ranking factors. How long it takes to see improvements in your search engine rankings depends on the age of your domain, keyword competition, how often you add new content to your site, and many other factors.

While one website may see an improvement from blogging in as little as three months, for another website, it can take as long as three years or more. Research shows that most websites that rank in the #1 position on Google are over 900 days old. However, a well executed SEO strategy can and often does generate more rapid results. Regardless, it’s important to understand here that patience is key.

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