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Our PPC management services focus strongly on PPC and Google Adwords optimization. We build innovative, data driven campaigns that save you money.

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Getting to the top of Google organic search results is essential for driving traffic to your site. With our paid search marketing services, we can help get your site in front of your targeted audience the instant they search for the services your business offers by making your page appear at the top of the list.

Creatitive offers comprehensive pay per click PPC campaign management. Whether you need help optimizing your current campaign or are looking to get started with paid search engine marketing projects, our experts have the skill and experience to run your search campaign effectively and deliver measurable results. We’ll take care of all the details of your campaign, from creating engaging ad copy and designing your PPC ads to tracking and recording the results.

A well-managed PPC or paid search marketing campaign can tremendously increase site traffic and provide an excellent ROI. PPC can be an effective strategy both on its own or in conjunction with other SEO techniques. Creatitive is a SEA agency that is here to help you get the most out of your PPC ads and help your business succeed.

How Paid Search Marketing Works

Through a pay-per-click 0r cost-per-click model, paid search campaigns are a form of digital advertisements that uses search engines like Google and Bing to display ads. And unlike traditional advertising wherein companies must be willing to pay an upfront cost to get their paid ads up, rates depend on the click-through rate or CTR of your ads, meaning you only pay for the number of people that actually click and see your ads!

Those with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns who are still struggling to improve organic search rankings for target keywords and other search terms often use paid search ads for help.

What Paid Search Marketing Does For You

Wondering whether investing in Google Adwords and other paid search ads is worth it? Here are some of the main benefits of having an effective paid search marketing campaign!

  • Improves Brand Awareness
    While it’s true that there’s no guaranteeing that everyone who sees your ads will click on them, Google ads can still significantly improve brand awareness over time.
    The more a person sees your business advertised on related keywords or relevant search terms, the more they associate your business with those words! Paid search is a cost-efficient way of improving brand awareness!
  • Generates Qualified Leads
    Instead of simply sending out your message into the void that is the internet in hopes of connecting with the right people, paid search ads allow you to narrow down your audience and target those you really want to reach.
    Thanks to this feature, businesses can expert more qualified leads in the future. With most interested prospects within your reach, the more likely are you to make conversions!
  • Fast Results
    While SEO is dubbed as a long-term marketing effort, PPC or paid search does its job in a matter of time. Google ads bring you immediate traffic from its SERPs, making it a great complementary solution to support your existing optimization campaigns!
  • Flexible
    Another great thing about paid search campaigns is their flexibility. You can easily kickstart your Google ads whenever you want and stop them as easily. Additionally, every aspect of your advertisements like the landing page, the copy, and the ad extensions can be optimized.
  • Cost-effective
    Like we’ve mentioned earlier, Google ads or PPC campaigns don’t require upfront costs. While there is an auction for Google Adwords, you don’t generally have to pay for anything unless people start clicking on your advertisements. The cost of your entire paid search strategy will depend on your click-through-rate and the cost per click, making it an efficient approach to digital marketing!


Paid Search Marketing

Our team will do everything possible to optimize your PPC campaign to make it powerful and effective. From finding the right keywords to optimizing your landing pages, we’ll make sure that all the right elements are in place so that your campaign is performing up to its full potential. We will implement effective Paid Optimization Strategies for your business.

PPC Ad Copy & Design

Design and copy are the most important parts of a PPC advertisement. It’s crucial for these two elements to be in place in order for your ads to be able to engage the attention of your audience and produce conversions. We’ll make sure your ads are specific, relevant, and attractive to users. Our ad copy writing will give you a positive ROI that you will not believe.

PPC Analysis & Reporting

Monitoring the importance of your campaign is important for gauging its effectiveness. We’ll stay on top of tracking and analyzing your campaign for you, and make adjustments as necessary so you can focus on the important day to day operations of your business.

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