Fan Engagement: Strategies Used by the Best Sports Websites

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Fan Engagement: Strategies Used by the Best Sports Websites

Sports are a universal past-time. Almost everyone has a team they love, a player they support more than the others, or even just a simple passion for the game. However, as a web manager, creating a site that drives fan engagement can be difficult at best. 

It’s not enough for sites to have the best website design. The best websites for sports always seem to have a steady stream of fan engagement, likes, comments, and shares.

Luckily, their strategies are easy to recreate. Here are a few simple ways to keep fans active and engaged online.

Content curation

In 2019, the strategy of boosting sports fans engagement experienced a great attention towards content marketing and curation. Due to the fact that social media was transformed into a driving force in sports business, promoting team-based content has become a must do.

Teams or athletes concentrate upon extending their online presence with the aid of specific content strategies meant to keep them in touch with fans while they attend an event or play in a game. Social platforms such as Reddit, Twitter or Instagram are considered to be the most used networks for streaming videos, sharing content and gaining the best fan engagement rates in 2019.

Live Updates

Working in relation to the content curation, live streaming gained a lot of interest and attention from fans in 2019. Experts say it became the best way to offer fans an all-access showcase of a team, a game or event. Simply put, live streaming is a manner of humanizing either athletes or teams, which will increase fan engagement due to the fact that fans will want to keep on watching just so they get a glimpse on what happens before or after a game.

Posting live updates, especially during games, on your sports website is the best way to keep fans engaged. Remember, not everyone can watch the game while it’s being played. By posting live updates on your website and social media accounts, you’ll help keep your fanbase updated on scores, awesome plays, and ridiculous calls as they happen.

Ask Fans for Stories

Even casual fans have tales of watching their favorite player or showing off their team pride. These stories can go a long way towards making your site one of the best websites for sports out there. They create a human element to the team and make your brand more relatable.

Building a relationship with fans is definitely a great marketing strategy. Think about your fans first, and brand awareness will follow. This strategy is all about giving your fans a voice so they know that they matter to you.

Another way is to ask for feedback through surveys on your sports websites or post questions on social media channels. It’s a great way to get direct insight into what fans want. 

Share Players’ Updates

Fans love to know what their favorite players are up to year-round. Keep an eye on players’ social media accounts and share their updates as they happen. You can even create a regular podcast or live stream video interviews with the players every month or so on your sports websites.

Give priority to trending ideas, questions and reactions on Facebook and Twitter. Doing this the right way will for sure boost engagement. More importantly, it will give sports marketers a good sense of what content will resonate best with your fan base. Again, a great relationship with your fans will increase brand engagement.

Create a Team-Specific Hashtag

Hashtags help to get your fans involved on multiple social media platforms. Fans can add the hashtag to their Twitter posts and tag their photos on Instagram and Facebook. Once added, the hashtag categorizes the content they post with all the others featuring the same hashtag, making your site or social media account appear more active.

Turn Big Data Into Bigger Fan Engagement

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Sports is big business and it’s getting bigger every year. Focussing on sports data will give you additional insight and will create unique opportunities.

Focus on all kinds of data as well. Data from social media (engagement, activity monitoring), fan surveys, mobile habits and website metrics will all give you valuable insights.

Next Generation of Entertainment

Also, in 2019, marketers experienced the need of making use of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to boost fan engagement rates. It is believed that the sports industry benefits the most from AR or VR, as it allows it to set up unique experiences for audiences, permitting fans to experience from home the game their team is playing.

We`ve observed that this year the concept of smart stadium gained a lot of attention and request from fans. Mainly, this refers to stadiums that can offer their fans the ultimate experience: directions to the stadium, live stats or any other information that can provide the authentic in-game experience.

AR and VR technology are just one of many sports marketing trends that will surely become popular over the next few years.

Make Your Site One of the Best Websites for Sports

The reality is that nowadays fan engagement means something different than it did in the past. We used to link fan engagement to providing a program that featured all the players numbers and the possibility of gaining access to a VIP experience after the game. 

Today, fans are more than inquisitive, as they seek to learn more details about their favorite team or athlete. In 2019 fans expect to access the desired info in an instant. It’s not enough for web designers to make information accessible. This is the main reason why sports teams and not only need to make use of all the online mediums and strategies to please their fans.

Because the way in which the modern fan engages with sports, a marketer must constantly change the strategy of fan engagement. Innovative tech solutions will boost the enjoyment and engagement of any fans, as they will experience the game from anywhere, no matter if it is from their homes or in the stadium.

Increase Fan Engagement

Fan engagement is the easiest way to make your site one of the best websites for sports. Not sure where to start? Let our athlete marketing experts help you create a rock-solid strategy. Call today to schedule a free consultation with Creatitive who are one of the best sports digital marketing agencies.

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