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These days, everything revolves around social media. It’s how we stay in touch with friends, share our passions, and stay connected with brands and organizations we support. As a sports team manager, you know that a vibrant social media presence is key in helping your team grow and make the impact that you know it should. 

However, there is no doubt that handling and managing your social media accounts and sports content can be quite challenging. While we admire business leaders and managers that do try to spearhead their own social media campaign,  a sports social media agency can help you grow better.

Keep in mind that your online reputation can help your team make the sport’s impact you’re looking for. Here’s how agencies can help:

Social Media is What They Do Best

When you hire a social media agency, you’re getting experts to do what they pride themselves for. They specialize in digital marketing, using social media as a tool to disseminate information, gather leads, and retain customer loyalty. These social media marketers can make your team stand out from the rest. They follow trends, understand the changing algorithms, and monitoring your accounts in real-time. 

They do the legwork for you so your team can enjoy a bigger following and more fan engagement automatically. You’ll get noticed faster, build stronger marketing efforts, and build momentum for future growth quickly.

Keeps Sports Content Consistent

Consistency is one of the most important things for any marketing campaign. You need to portray the personality of your team across each post and if you’re busy or worrying about other things, it’s easy to lose track of that personality. A social media company works to get to know your team and adopts your voice across every post. But because they’re focused on those posts and nothing else, they keep the content consistent and make sure your sports fans enjoy engaging with each post.

Gives You More Free Time

You have plenty of other things to worry about beyond marketing your team on social media. And when you’re trying to juggle Facebook and Twitter updates, Instagram posts, and ad campaigns across different platforms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

Hiring an experienced agency gives you more free time to take care of the tasks that only you can handle. And if there’s something you need them to announce, they’ll help you create the most engaging post possible. Your team will always be in good hands.

Why It Matters to Teams And Athletes

Not only are engaged fan bases following their favorite teams, but also they are following their favorite athletes on social media. In the case of some superstar athletes, the total size of a single athlete’s fan base may exceed that of an entire team. Moreover, it’s now the case that a player straight out of college might have a sizable personal brand that can be leveraged immediately in a variety of different ways by professional sports organizations.

The rise of personal brands has led to some remarkable developments in the ability of sports athletes and teams to pack in a full house and attract large viewing audiences every night they play. For example, in the past, fans were loyal first and foremost to their home team. 

Now, they may be loyal first and foremost to their favorite athletes, each of them with their own social media brands. If your favorite team is playing on Channel A, but your favorite player is playing on Channel B, which one do you watch?

As a result, it’s no longer the case that “small-market teams” can not compete with “big market teams” (i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago). What matters now is not population density but social media density. If your team’s social media accounts are big enough, it can overcome physical limitations imposed by geography or demography.

Contact Creatitive to Get Started

Going forward, it’s clear that social media will continue to have a huge impact on the world of sports marketing. In some cases, it will mean the rise to prominence of new sports (just think of how ESPN is experimenting with e-sports), and in other cases, it will mean the rise to prominence of teams in smaller markets such as Cleveland. But one thing is certain: social media will continue to play a role in sports, sporting events, and sports as an industry.

Not sure where to look for an experienced social media agency? Contact our dedicated team and see how we can help you grow your team’s following and improve fan engagement quickly. At Creatitive, we’ll work to show the world how great your team really is. Leave your social media management to us!

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