Slam Dunk NBA Marketing Campaigns

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Slam Dunk NBA Marketing Campaigns

The marketing world is always changing. There are algorithms to consider, tests to run, and consumer preferences to track each day, week, and month. Though the environment is always changing, some marketing campaigns have long-term staying power. These ads stick with you for years after you see them. There are dozens of NBA marketing campaigns that promote both players and products that stick with consumers for decades. Here are a few of our favorites.

Kobe Bryant and Nike

Nike has been Kobe Bryant’s sponsor for a while now. But when the Hyperdunks (his signature shoes) came out, the ad campaign was a huge success. The initial ads combined the staying power of traditional an NBA marketing strategy by focusing on a top player. But they brought it to new levels of success by playing with the viewers’ minds.

Bryant was known for his incredible vertical leap. And Powerade used it to sell their product by showing him leaping over a moving Aston Martin. With a little Hollywood magic, the commercial made the jump look real. And fans had just enough confidence in Bryant to believe it. You just don’t forget he was wearing Nikes after seeing that ad.

Dwayne Wade and Converse

The NBA marketing strategy behind this Converse commercial was to connect with fans on an emotional level. Wade is seen reading a love letter to his first love, basketball. He relates his journey in a way that everyone who has ever been in love can identify with. There’s no focus on the product. Instead, it’s on the sport and the player’s passion for his craft.

Lebron and Powerade

It seems like the best NBA marketing tactics make viewers pause and think “huh?” The more they question the commercial, the more they think about it. And the more they think about it, the more likely they are to interact with the brand. Lebron and Powerade did this when they captured what appeared to be Lebron sinking five shots from full court during a warmup. The shooting style is amateurish, making it look real. It sells Lebron’s skills and the ad closes with Powerade congratulating the team on their victories. The takeaway? Drink Powerade and be like Lebron.

Take Your NBA Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Marketing all sports teams is tough. But every team, no matter how professional or amateur, can see success by using the same NBA marketing tactics as the pros. Contact us to see how you can take your team to the next level.

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