7 Innovative Online Marketing Strategies for Sports Businesses

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7 Innovative Online Marketing Strategies for Sports Businesses

As a business owner, you know that getting your company in front of your target audience is tough. It takes time, patience, and a solid digital marketing strategy to see long-term success. Even the most experienced sports business owners can feel overwhelmed by the prospect. As long as you have a general idea of the types of strategies you’ll need to implement, you’ll be fine. Here are some of the best and easiest online marketing strategies to use in 2020.

1. Content Writing

Content writing is the foundation of every effective online marketing strategy. It involves creating informative articles and writing copy for your webpages that encourage customers to take action. Simply putting words on a page isn’t enough, though. You need to get every word to speak to your target audience.

The best place to start is by answering the most common questions you get about your business. From there, you can move onto more informative content. Don’t panic if you feel like you’re not a strong writer. You can always partner with a content writing specialist to create content your customers will love.

2. Branding

Every successful sports business needs to have a clear brand personality across every platform. This means consistent logos, company values, colors, and goals. Without a clear brand, you won’t have a successful digital marketing strategy.

The best place to start is by going through the discovery process and making note of everything your business stands for. Use this information to create a brand persona that you can then use to promote your effective online marketing strategies.

3. Search Engine Optimization

The best online marketing strategies are designed to speak to the target consumer. But you’re not just marketing to people…you also have to market to search engines. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Create content that uses keywords your target market is actively searching for. Link to authority sites on your blog posts, and make sure all meta-data (information about your posts) features keywords and is fully fleshed out. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be for search engines to rank your content and the faster your target audience will find you in the search results.

4. Social Media Marketing

If you’re wondering how to create an online marketing strategy that works, turn your attention to social media. People spend hours on social media checking out businesses and companies they’re interested in. But it’s also a fantastic place to advertise and reach new customers. Utilize sponsored ads and posts and take the time to respond to engage with customers on your page.

Think of your social media account as a simple way to interact with customers and give them the individualized attention they deserve.

5. Email Marketing

The goal of using email marketing as part of your online marketing strategies is to both retain current customers and attract new supporters. It helps keep your brand and message at the forefront of their minds and makes it easy to convey upcoming deals, events, and campaigns you have planned.

Every email you send should focus on providing useful and actionable information for your customers. Think of it as an extension of your content marketing strategy, but instead of writing articles, you’re communicating directly with your customers. As an added bonus, customers will keep your brand in mind even if they don’t open your email. As soon as they see your subject line or your email address, they’ll start thinking about your company.

6. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC campaigns help instantly boost your website to the top of the page of search results. To implement this digital marketing strategy, you choose particular keywords that you want to target. These should be terms and words that your customers actively search for.

When they search for those terms, your ad gets displayed at the top of the page. You only pay for the ad when the user clicks on the link, making this one of the most affordable and effective advertising methods. Keep in mind that it’s not a substitute for SEO. The results are temporary.

7. Video Marketing

The sad truth is that people don’t take the time to read what you write in its entirety. Chances are, you’ve skimmed the headlines in this post before deciding to read all the way through. But people DO watch videos, making video marketing an absolute must.

Videos can be anything you want, from product reviews to interviews with athletes. The point of the videos, like email marketing, is to keep your brand on your audience’s minds. Even better, those videos are easy to share on social media, further increasing your reach.

Tired of Wondering How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy?

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