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Sports are a universal past-time. Almost everyone has a team they love, a player they support more than the others, or even just a simple passion for the game. Even young students consider college sports more important than world sports events. Hence, as a web manager, it’s essential to create a site that drives fan engagement just like popular and best sports news websites.

The 21st Century Digital Fan Base

People who don’t understand or appreciate sports may say, “It’s just a game.” However, cultures express themselves through sports, which makes them essential to any well-functioning society. On a macro scale, they unite communities and family and friends on a micro one.

There is a direct relationship between sports and the nature of work. When our working lives change, so do the sports we play. As a result, three eras define the last century of American history: baseball and the factory, football, and the corporation, and basketball and the independent professional. Back then, the most visited sports website would be of the Red Sox or New York Yanks.

How do these societal shifts begin?

Shifts in society begin with shifts in media. One example is when baseball became popular after the radio was invented, football grew with the popularity of television, and today, social media is boosting the popularity of major sports of basketball with favorite teams online such as the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers.

Baseball was once the social center of American life, and as a result, people aptly call it “America’s pastime.” In baseball, one thing happens at a time. Like a factory, players have fixed positions and delegated, specialist jobs (pitchers, right fielders, shortstops, etc.). Order is central to the game. At baseball’s peak, American work was defined by mass production. Efficient factories propelled America’s emergence as a world power. Furthermore, baseball’s lenient pace was perfect for the radio era—play-by-play announcers served as background noise for tedious workdays, and radio gave Americans a tight, tribal-like bond.

But the rise of television in the 50s and 60s initiated baseball’s decline. Baseball was too slow for television. But football’s fast-paced and dynamic nature was ideal for it. Football evolved with television technologies including instant replay, slow motion, and graphics — all of which enhanced the game.

The nature of work changed during football’s post World War II rise to prominence. America had proven its capabilities as a military authority during the war and cemented its position afterward with the expansion of multinational corporations.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in early March 2020, the world of sports was shaken and unprepared. Hopefully, people are finally emerging from what has arguably been one of the most challenging and devastating years in recent history, but everyone continues to reel from the effects that have disproportionately affected racialized and poor communities. The pandemic has also severely affected athletes and created more challenges for women’s sports, including wage cuts and job losses. The pandemic reset was unimaginable, but it has offered a pause to consider broader issues within and around the games and more opportunities for sports websites and brands.

Content Curation Techniques Used by the Best Sports Websites in the World

It’s not enough for sites to have the best website design. The best websites for sports always seem to have a steady stream of fan engagement, likes, comments, and shares. The pandemic proved that people can survive with content to consume.

Luckily, their strategies are easy to recreate. Here are a few simple ways to keep fans active and engaged online.

The strategy of boosting sports fans’ engagement experienced great attention towards content marketing and curation. Due to the fact that social media was transformed into a driving force in the sports business, promoting team-based content has become a must-do. Today, the latest sports news can even be found on Tiktok. How far has the sports world changed indeed?

Teams or athletes concentrate on extending their online presence with the aid of specific content strategies meant to keep them in touch with fans while they attend an event or play a game. Social platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram are considered to be the most used networks for streaming videos, sharing content, and gaining the best fan engagement with their extensive sports coverage and updates.

Go Live With Sporting Events

Working in relation to content curation, live streaming gained a lot of interest and attention from fans. Experts say it became the best way to offer fans an all-access showcase of a team, a game, or an event. Simply put, live streaming is a manner of humanizing either athletes or teams, which will increase fan engagement due to the fact that fans will want to keep on watching just so they get a glimpse of what happens before or after a game.Posting live updates, especially during games, on your sports website is the best way to keep fans engaged. Remember, not everyone can watch the game while it’s being played. By posting live updates on your website and social media accounts, you’ll help keep your fanbase updated on scores, awesome plays, and ridiculous calls as they happen.

Involve Fans With Your Themes

Even casual fans have tales of watching their favorite player or showing off their team pride. These stories can go a long way towards making your site one of the best websites for sports out there. They create a human element to the team and make your brand more relatable.

Building a relationship with fans is definitely a great marketing strategy. Think about your fans first, and brand awareness will follow. This strategy is all about giving your fans a voice so they know that they matter to you.

Another way is to ask for feedback through surveys on your sports websites or post questions on social media channels. It’s a great way to get direct insight into what fans want. 

Share Real Splice of Life

Fans love to know what their favorite players are up to year-round. Keep an eye on players’ social media accounts and share their updates as they happen. You can even create a regular podcast or live stream video interviews with the players every month or so on your sports websites.

Give priority to trending ideas, questions, and reactions on Facebook and Twitter. Doing this the right way will for sure boost engagement. More importantly, it will give sports marketers a good sense of what content will resonate best with their fan base. Again, a great relationship with your fans will increase brand engagement.

Curate an Amazing Video Promotion

Written content will never have the ability to connect people as much as visual content can. The rise of YouTubers as entrepreneurs supports this claim — YouTube’s popularity skyrocketed because people realized that posting informative content helps them create a deeper relationship with their viewers. It’s only natural that brands are using the same strategy to help you create a sports illustrated digital picture. They aim to create online video content that humanizes their brand and establishes a relationship with their audience. When people are emotionally triggered, they are more likely to make a purchase. What is fantastic about video content is that it allows you to express your creativity. You don’t have to limit your videos to just one platform, one theme, or one purpose. Use them in any way you wish to benefit your brand’s success.

Sell The Brand as a Whole

A successful brand is also not dependent on the people who create it. A successful brand can live on its own. Its message, aesthetic, and purpose are clearly identifiable to anybody who interacts with it. It attracts people who relate the most to it, and they come together to further innovate on how it can grow and attract more people. Brands make fans.

Create a Team-Specific Hashtag

Hashtags help to get your fans involved on multiple social media platforms. Fans can add the hashtag to their Twitter posts and tag their photos on Instagram and Facebook. Once added, the hashtag categorizes the content they post with all the others featuring the same hashtag, making your site or social media account appear more active. The best sports websites in the world have their own long-term hashtag campaigns and it brings more SEO value and brand awareness. If you check some of the most visited sports websites, you will find that their hashtags are always ever-present in every piece of digital content.

Turn Big Data Into Bigger Fan Engagement

relationship with fan engagement

Sports is big business and it’s getting bigger every year. Focussing on sports data will give you additional insight and will create unique opportunities.Focus on all kinds of data as well. Data from social media (engagement, activity monitoring), fan surveys, mobile habits, and website metrics will all give you valuable insights.

Fan Loyalty is the Heart & Soul of Sports

The reality is that nowadays fan engagement means something different than it did in the past. We used to link fan engagement to providing a program that featured all the player’s numbers and the possibility of gaining access to a VIP experience after the game. Today, fans are more than inquisitive, as they seek to learn more details about their favorite team or athlete. Fans expect to access the desired info from sports news websites in an instant. It’s not enough for web designers to make information accessible. This is the main reason why sports teams not only need to make use of all the online mediums and strategies to please their fans.

Because of the way in which the modern fan engages with sports, a marketer must constantly change the strategy of fan engagement. Innovative tech solutions will boost the enjoyment and engagement of any fans, as they will experience the game from anywhere, no matter if it is from their homes or in the stadium. Breaking news and the latest sports news now easily go hand-in-hand for hard-core sports fans.

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