Promoting your personal training business is crucial to getting new clients. Grow your training business using these fitness marketing ideas.

Personal trainers help people achieve their fitness goals, but who helps them achieve business success?

As a personal trainer, your job is to help people live better and lead healthier lives—and you’re great at your job. However, your excellent training skills and talent will be useless if only a handful of people know you.

This is where the question of building your clientele comes into play. With the help of personal training marketing ideas and digital marketing experts, you could promote your gym and personal training business online. You could gain new clients and potential customers and even start with your gym franchise.

With the right fitness marketing campaigns in place, you’ll set yourself up as a credible personal trainer for long-term success.


Before we talk about personal trainer marketing, let us talk about the evolution of the fitness industry.

Fitness has changed in the last century dramatically in some ways, especially regarding your diet, what foods are good for you, and what you should also avoid to get a healthier, fitter way of life.

The brilliant thing about wanting to be fit and healthy is that it doesn’t have to be done in the gym now. There are many ways to get involved in sports. Back then, if you wanted to get fit, there was a minimal way to do this. Getting fit was also nearly always split into a female/male situation. Many men attended football or boxing, which was considered a male sport.

It wasn’t unusual for boxing and football to be a male-only class or gym. Now, females are not afraid to get involved in contact sports. The sigma of male training or gym sessions has slowly faded into the last decade, with personal training services also focusing more on the women’s market.

Let us take a step back in time. Jazzercise is one of the most successful and long-lasting exercise trends of the last century. This fitness craze was created by personal trainer and fitness expert Judi Sheppard Missett and was founded in 1969. This aerobic workout combines jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and Latin dance. An average class is 60 minutes long and promises to burn 600 calories. Today, many personal trainers have taken after the iconic routine.

Although Jazzercise is a blast from the past, it is still going strong worldwide. This international exercise phenomenon has something like a cult following, which has made it successful after all these years. What has made Jazzercise so successful worldwide is that all classes are consistent, and the people who stick with them have long-lasting results.

Long-lasting results are also modern workout trend goals. It’s impossible to ignore the impact of CrossFit when so many “boxes” are opening up in the area. Some polarizing views of CrossFit exist, with some being nearly cult-like, and some are very against the practices of the training style.

The influence of CrossFit with group exercise and existing business models is staggering, so when wealthy athletes or individuals enjoy the experience of an inexpensive option, disruption occurs. Even proponents against CrossFit have changed their practices to meet the popularity and business model of group training.

Group and personal training effectively get many athletes or clients fitter with limited equipment, but the training doesn’t need to be compromised. CrossFit has challenged the norms and pushed the envelope, and the next step is making sure that the training continues to evolve.

Simple measurement is not enough for more and more personal training clients, but personal trainers and coaches can focus on technique when the timing isn’t a factor. Athletes doing circuits can see patterns and trends of improvement or decay in fitness when one is timing.

Marketing Strategy

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Technological advancements have opened the gateway to a plethora of new communication vehicles, and internet platforms allow companies to reach a whole new audience.


No matter the size of your organization, there’s simply no excuse for not utilizing digital marketing tools to improve your company’s position in the marketplace. Digital marketing promotes your brand using the internet and digital communication. It employs the internet and electronic devices to connect with your potential customers.

Given the sheer number of people on the internet trying to find relevant information about local businesses that best suit their buying needs, not having a digital brand presence can prove a death sentence for upcoming brands.

Most consumers navigate a sea of content on either a mobile electronic device or the television, radio, or even an electronic billboard. Even magazines, books, and newspapers are accessible on smartphones, tablets, or e-readers.

Digital marketing was not always the conclusive game-changer it is today. A couple of decades ago, it would have been unheard of to set aside resources for it.

Today, it is essential to get a well-planned digital marketing strategy off the ground, run it, and even improve it before you start with these modernized personal training sessions. If you feel like a fish out of water regarding digital marketing tactics and personal training marketing ideas, you are certainly not alone.

Many agencies will offer you a ‘complete package’ of various digital marketing services while making you think you need all of them. However, most online businesses do not need such a heavily loaded, high-cost approach.

A unique digital marketing strategy that considers your individual needs as a personal trainer is the one you must opt for, as it is sure to yield great results when executed well.



Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account, and they use it for other purposes besides connecting with friends. Some use it to look up different gym memberships in their locality, while others check reviews on several fitness clubs.

You can attract new customers and potential clients when you take advantage of the power of creating social media posts. See, content marketing is not just about blog posts and SEO alone. Optimizing and maximizing your social media accounts also helps promote your business online.

With this in mind, social media has become an excellent channel for growing your business. Digital marketing for fitness now starts on social media, and if you’re a fitness professional who isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’re missing out.

If you think of gym marketing ideas, think of how Nike is doing. They’ve got influencers, brand ambassadors, marketing campaigns, the whole package of marketing fitness. When you promote your gym online, you are not just hard selling your business and services.

You also want to tap into the emotions of your target market and potential clients. The best examples of gym marketing inspire and provoke awareness for fitness and the world.


You can go ahead and start sharing fitness tips and other inspirational posts, like motivational fitness quotes, that your existing clients can communicate within their network. You can also explore exercise science and discuss how bodily movements contribute to an individual’s overall wellness. Furthermore, weekly gym challenges are a big thing on Instagram.

There has been a significant change in consumer behavior in the last ten years. Due to developments like DVR and advertisement blockers, customers respond less to traditional advertising and marketing. Intelligent marketing experts are currently moving to non-traditional advertising and marketing strategies in feedback to this new pattern.

What makes content marketing reliable, where traditional promotional web content is not, is that it enables services to flaunt their know-how and even their products without coming off as extreme marketing to get more clients.

Services can draw in new leads by creating content about subjects that intrigue their target audience. When these leads are involved with their web content, organizations have numerous ways to turn them into consumers.

Pushing marketing content is no longer a reliable approach, even with personal trainer marketing. Instead, organizations have developed into media companies, creating original content to answer their target market’s concerns, fix their pain points, enhance website traffic, and ultimately increase sales.

Afterward, you can start thinking about expanding your reach by implementing Facebook display ads that market your fitness classes. This tactic is cost-efficient to grow your target audience, get more personal training clients, and increase your visibility if you want to rank on the Google search engine, a significant first step to promoting your gym online.


Chances are, the majority of your existing clients already communicate with you by email. If not, prospects who have already visited your website have probably wondered if you have a current email list. Having an email marketing list is one of the essential gym marketing tools. Think of it as your list of connections, personal training clients, potential clients, and new members looking for a gym membership.

Though email marketing is seen as one of the more ancient ways of promoting yourself, it continues to be a concrete digital marketing strategy for fitness. If you’re yet to start your newsletter, you can use your current contact information and even Facebook page traffic to build your email list. Your existing clients will receive free weekly workout guides and other fitness tips.

Email marketing opens up your first platform for sharing your fitness journey and fitness goals. You could target new members by sending out tailored meal plans, discounted personal training sessions, and other personalized fitness and health content that your customers would relate to.

Fitness marketing campaigns with strong email lists are more likely to gather more clients and stand out among fitness competitions.


Regarding marketing fitness, getting personal is always a great plan. It’s important to realize that emotional connection is one of the most incredible secret ingredients for a marketing campaign and more branding strategies for personal branding.

For example, clients come to a personal trainer for help, but it’s easy for prospective leads to feel intimidated. They may feel insecure and judged by someone like you who spends much of their time inside gyms, living a healthy life.

Another example of gym marketing is when you share your very own fitness business journey. Take some of that fear away by marketing your own fitness story and becoming a good personal trainer. You can cultivate a promotional series around your journey, from wanting a healthier lifestyle to preparing for your certification exam and sharing it with the rest of your audience.

Social media platforms are the most personal medium for a personal trainer to share inspiring personal stories.

This is an excellent way of humanizing your image to your clients. Social channels like Facebook or Instagram make it a more intimate experience for them.

You could consider sharing your weight loss story as one of your gym marketing ideas. New gym members would not just relate, but they would be inspired. Your fitness marketing strategies have now evolved into actually helping your clients more personally.

By becoming relatable, you become trustworthy, and people will be more likely to work with you than others in the industry. To illustrate, let’s take a look at the popular marketing strategies for gyms.

Many marketing campaigns for gyms rely on telling consistent stories of victories through hardships. This may be through sharing motivational fitness and weight loss quotes and other exercise slogans.

The best creative fitness marketing ideas are ones that come quickly to you. Remember, you’re selling your personality aside from your services. And the moment you seem out of touch with reality, you’ll have a hard time sounding authentic.

Personal fitness trainers who want to build a solid foundation for their image as fitness professionals go above and beyond fitness, selling personal training T-shirts for a new gym membership. Be a leader and not just a boss.


Often overlooked is that most well-known fitness instructors started marketing fitness by giving away valuable, free information. It’s a well-known marketing strategy across different industries.

Make the most out of your website and email list by offering free trials of your services. For instance, prospective leads hoping to try your fitness services can download free workout guides and other great e-books that showcase your style as a fitness instructor.

Encourage people to sign up by offering free monthly tips and tricks, nutrition advice, and anything else you feel could be helpful to your clients. Though information should always be the main focus of these emails, you can also advertise upcoming fun fitness events like group exercises, new training programs, and discounts as they happen.

Keep promotions as a side focus—the last thing you want to do is come across as spammy. After your fitness classes, you could throw in a few freebies once in a while. It still is a great way to boost customer loyalty.


Another critical point why downloadable freebies like e-books and workout videos work is that they are easily shareable. Nothing beats the power of word-of-mouth referrals, and social media has made it easier for people to connect.

Encourage your current clients to share your freebie with their friends alongside an incentive that they will both enjoy. For example, if they get a few of their friends to attend some of your training group classes, they get free passes to your other services. It’s a tested strategy. Studies around referrals have revealed that those who gave the referral are more interested in helping their loved ones out.

Aside from this, you can also create emails that are meant for referrals offering free services for a limited time. It’s best to set free sessions when your schedule can accommodate them.


Have you ever wondered how politicians and athletes can promote themselves so efficiently that they cultivate communities? The answer is personal branding.

Wikipedia defines personal branding as a practice of promoting one’s self and one’s career as a brand. It’s a constant process of developing and maintaining your reputation and the people’s impression of you as a professional.

It’s a valuable marketing tactic ensuring your image stands out amongst personal fitness trainers. While this may be true, it’s no easy feat. Even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have gone through several style iterations before defining themselves as one of the most influential personal brands in the world.

Recent studies have revealed that global executives attribute 44% of their company’s market value to the reputation of their CEO.

Furthermore, it plays an essential role in attracting and keeping prospective employees. If you’re relatively new to the game, it’s almost too easy to get lost in the maze. Before getting started, here are a few tips you’ll need to keep your personal brand on track.


One of the common mistakes most people make in branding themselves is losing focus. Too many people are trying to be everything to everyone, which is impossible.

Choose a critical message that resonates well with your target audience and stick by it. Having one fundamental value makes it easier for you to curate content that defines you to your audience. The more specific you are, the better.

Furthermore, consistency will help you build an easily identifiable image in the market. The more focused your personal brand is, the more memorable you become to your clients.


As discussed earlier, people can easily see through dishonest acts. The moment you seem fake to your clients, they’ll immediately turn their heads away.

Remember that a personal trainer’s success is built around their clientele and the community they have cultivated among the lives they have touched. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. With a personal training business, the more authentic you are, the more trustworthy you’ll be to prospect leads.

As how we consume web content, media, and information evolves, so does how firms market themselves and showcase their brands. Similarly, consumers are beginning to look past simple advertising strategies and now yearn for a lot more unique and engaging online material.

Brands from all industries have counted on material advertising and marketing tactics to boost their electronic visibility to match these trends. Content marketing has turned into one of the most preferred digital advertising and marketing techniques. It’s no surprise why—it’s an effective tool that can help your personal training brand boost web traffic and general brand name awareness and increase sales.

Web content marketing is a calculated marketing approach concentrated on developing and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and keep a clearly defined target market, ultimately driving lucrative consumer action.

According to modern-day company planners and marketing experts, material advertising and marketing are the keys to success in this increasingly digital age of the internet, e-commerce, and social media sites.

A point often overlooked by other personal trainers in the fitness industry is touching millions of lives daily. Health can be a pretty personal topic for most people. That’s why they want to train with those they deem trustworthy and genuine. Look at how physical therapists, psychiatrists, and even health food stores share helpful content that taps the market’s health concerns.

Create content that matters to your people, and don’t be afraid to get personal with them through social media management.

Tell them about your personal training, training sessions, how you manage your fitness organization, and even about your meal plans. Get close to your gym members. That is one of the best gym marketing ideas for gyms and fitness businesses.

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Having a personal brand ticks off several promotional boxes. For one, it improves visibility. It’s not enough for you to just put your name out there. You must be able to set yourself apart from everyone else by showing your value.

Gym and personal training marketing ideas simply don’t grow on trees. If you don’t have the time to do it, let the experts help. Your services’ values increase when you have a following who has already experienced and witnessed its greatness. This type of branding allows you to cultivate reliable connections and helps you build autonomy in the industry.

Trends may come and go, but fitness marketing consultants know that trust and reputation matter. Cultivating your personal brand may seem like a big task, but there are people ready to help you.

If you want to encourage clients to visit your gym online and sign up for gym memberships, you need the best gym marketing ideas to rank in search engine results and social media channels.

It all boils down to one thing—constantly assessing where you are in terms of marketing objectives and where you want to be in both the near and far future is the only thing that will help you grow your fitness empire.

Whatever kind of digital marketing you favor over the other, it is essential to distribute your marketing efforts, develop relationships, and track campaign results.

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At Creatitive, we understand the importance of developing well-structured and planned gym marketing ideas that are accurate to your personal business objectives and goals. That is why we encourage you to contact us. We count on an experienced team that will help you accomplish your brand objectives and goals.


Are gym marketing ideas hard to implement?

Each marketing plan has a different development process according to the branding goals and reaches out to each individual fitness business that it would like to implement. However, with a strong, experienced gym marketing team, any ideas you would like to implement to your strategy are possible and have higher possibilities of obtaining better results.

What are some considerations I should Think About When Developing My Fitness Marketing Ideas?

When starting a fitness marketing process, there are many aspects that you should take into consideration. Some of them are the following:

Target Audience

Your target audience will always play an elemental part in your gym marketing ideas and strategy. Make sure the content you upload and training you offer are carefully thought out and with the elements your specific target audience decides on. A good idea is to implement market segmentation.

A User-Friendly Experience That Stands Out Your New Gym Marketing Ideas

It is no secret that a user-friendly system will do wonders for your website. But did you know that it can also be helpful for your audience to find the information and promotions you want them to know about? Besides being the perfect tool to help your online users have a more pleasant experience, you will provide them an extra hand to make their research on your website easier.

Compelling and Useful Fitness Marketing Ideas

It is not just about uploading any type of content to maintain consistency. You should also think about delivering high-quality content and visuals. Marketing and branding promotions that are unpolished or without any specific purpose have less possibility of making an impact on their desired audience.

Think About The Budget You Count With When Implementing Your Gym Marketing Ideas

The budget for your marketing strategies is something you need to be clear and sure about. Remember that there are many ways in which you can successfully promote your gym or brand. However, your finances will play an important role in your marketing ideas. Once you are sure about the budget you count on, it is time to start implementing your strategies.

Be Patient. It Can Take A While Before You Start Seeing a Difference in Your Fitness Business

Sometimes, it can take a while for a gym marketing strategy to show the expected results you are looking for. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t show up eventually. Just like in any other process, planning and executing your fitness marketing ideas to leverage your brand is a process that might seem maddening. Patience is an attribute you will need. It might seem like forever, but your efforts will eventually start to show up.

What are the 7 Ps in service marketing to a gym?

Think about the 7 Ps as a guide that will ease up your marketing experience and help you clearly envision your personal branding goals and objectives. The 7 P’s in service marketing to a gym are the following:







Physical Evidence

Can I Start My Fitness Business Marketing Process and Website and Social Media Strategies at Any Moment?

Yes, a fitness marketing plan can be implemented at any moment. Just be sure to have a clear vision of your goals and give continuous guidance and monitoring to your strategies for them to achieve the best possible results.

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