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In the healthcare industry, one of the many things they prioritize aside from their reputation is their patients. Without them, healthcare organizations might not exist but one of the downsides of having patients is that some of them very seldom visit you.

The need to visit healthcare providers almost every day rarely happens — as a matter of fact, consumers don’t really want that to happen. This of course affects the overall performance of a provider. They would have to work extra harder in order to get more clients coming in.

But how can they achieve this? By building a solid healthcare marketing strategy! Today, Creatitive’s going to explore health and wellness digital marketing as well as why it matters to the industry.

What Does Online Marketing Mean in Healthcare?

One might think marketing is the last thing one would link to healthcare — especially online marketing — but it’s been part of how the entire industry stays alive. Back then, traditional marketing was their lifeline. But ever since the internet and mobile devices took over almost every industry, digital marketing has now played a more important role. 

Consumers of today have grown to become active researchers. Whenever they need anything, be it medical or not, they’ve turned to search engines and search results for information or second opinion. They would spend hours scrolling through pages before they make any firm purchasing decision. 

They’d go to social media platforms to check out online reviews, basically cementing the marketing trend of data driven purchases. If providers want to reel in more consumers, they need to have a solid presence in the spaces people occupy. And because of the recent advancements in marketing, social media marketing is now not enough — people needed to learn how to create content and more. 

Nowadays, it’s almost considered normal for practices to look for digital marketing agencies or other companies. Afterall, managing an entire marketing campaign is hard work but it’s definitely not impossible especially with the help of marketing experts!

5 Fool-proof Healthcare Online Marketing Strategies

Ultimately, the continuous takeover of the internet is causing constant change in how people market their services. Unlike before when much of digital marketing revolved around social media, there are now various strategies available to the public. 

Here’s five fool-proof ideas for healthcare providers!

Build a User-Friendly Healthcare Website

Like it or not, people aren’t reaching for the Yellow Pages to find a healthcare provider—they’re searching online. And if your healthcare website isn’t user-friendly, you’ll immediately drive patients, clients, and individuals away. Take a look at your website. 

Have a friend or family member give you their input. If they find it easy to use, you’re in good shape. But if it’s confusing, they can’t figure out the services you offer, or how to contact the office, it’s time to revamp your website design.

Provide Content Your Clients Can Use

People search the internet for healthcare advice, but unfortunately, many of the blog posts out there are written by people with little to no experience or knowledge. Make your mark on the internet by providing content that’s informative, accurate, and useful. 

This can be anything from tips on how to stay healthy during the cold season to how to tell it’s time to send your child to the doctor. Think about the questions your clients ask and use those questions to help you come up with useful content.

Optimize Your Healthcare Site

So you’ve created your site and the necessary content you need — now you have to get people on it. And how do you do this? By creating your own search engine optimization campaign! 

According to a recent Google study, search engines drive three times as many visitors to healthcare websites than other sources. Healthcare marketers achieve this by optimizing their site and their content so that search engines can recognize them for what they are. If you happened to have an already existing website and have back up content to publish, it’s best you look into SEO first before going live. 

Search engines use keywords and other strategic factors such as HTML titles to recognize a site and its content. So in order for them to lead your site to the right audiences, you need to have the right ingredients like keywords and informative content. While it’s true that several other factors are considered in SERPs — such as content quality — optimization still plays a huge role in it. 

Get Social

Social media may not seem important to a healthcare practice, but it’s essential if you’re looking to improve your digital marketing strategy. Create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help you share informational articles and reach new clients. You can even advertise on these platforms to expand your reach and find new patients quickly. Don’t worry…if you’re not comfortable managing your social media posts, you can always leave it to an expert.

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Handling your practice’s healthcare digital marketing strategy on your own can be a tough responsibility to handle. Save yourself the stress and leave it to an experienced marketing agency. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule a consultation with our digital marketing team. We’ll help you grow your business in a sustainable and affordable way.

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