Top 5 Sports Marketing Trends in 2019

sports marketing trends

Top 5 Sports Marketing Trends in 2019

Global sports marketing trends top out at almost 100 billion dollars. Since the emergence of the digital age of information, sports marketing has grown rapidly.

As this year draws to a close, let’s take a look at the top 5 sports marketing trends.

Fan Safety

The industry knows that safety is on a lot of fans’ minds. That’s why they’ve implemented new biometric recognition programs and electronic fingerprinting, along with RFID tags. This keeps everyone safe, no matter if it’s from an unruly fan or a mass attack.

Innovative Ticket Packages

Fans don’t want to be limited on their ticket choices and 2018 saw a huge rise in innovative ticketing options. Organizations have rolled out subscription based mobile passes to allow fans to attend a specific number of games for a pre-set rate. Fans like this because it gives them more control over the games they attend, and that helps boost sales overall.

Advertising on Social

Every single social media platform continues to grow each year. Millennials especially are shifting their focus from the big screen to the screen in their hands. As the number of users rise, companies need to shift their focus to advertising on these platforms.

Road to Professional Sports

Federal investigations about college sports funding and corruption are happening right now and they’re not going away. The road to professional sports is going to change. Rethinking the concept of the student-athlete is happening all across the country. Because of FBI investigations this year, many elite D1 schools are going to continue to be under greater scrutiny.

Social Activism

No matter where you stand on taking a knee, the point is that social activism is here to stay. That means there’s big pressure on brands, leagues, teams, and even players to decide where they stand. As this market continues to emerge, so too will marketing opportunities.

Sports marketing is only going to continue to grow, and we’re sure to see plenty of new trends in 2019.

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