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To say that the Internet and technology has changed things is an understatement — because frankly speaking, it has found several ways to reform the way we do things! From the way we communicate with one to how we consume things. It’s also had a huge affect on retail brands.

And one of the many contributors to this change is social media channels. Despite being relatively younger than the rest of the internet and its other offerings, it has quickly become a significant component to our lives. Approximately, 3 billion of us around the world use it for communication and even shopping!

While the large majority of the population fell in love almost immediately with social media, there are some that weren’t exactly ecstatic about things — like retail brands. Today, Creatitive is here to delve into how social media disrupted the retail industry and to discuss the five popular retail brands winning the game!

Disrupting The Industry

Frankly speaking, the retail industry is not the only market that was disrupted by the Internet and social media. Even the smaller markets felt the shift but ultimately, it was the retail industry that was significantly affected.

As ecommerce became the norm for everyone else, brick-and-mortar stores saw a decline in their customers. People don’t go to shops or malls as often as they do before. If newer brands want to draw attention to their products, they need to be where target audiences are — online! 

As a matter of fact, social media platforms like Facebook have already seen their role in ecommerce and have proceeded to provide companies with sales channel features. 

It didn’t take long before brands went on social media platforms. With millions of people spending most of their days scrolling through them, it was the brand’s number one channel to their consumers. Front store mannequins were replaced by Instagram photos and traditional advertisements were replaced by Youtube ads. 

To further emphasize the importance of social media marketing for retail brands, recent studies have revealed that most of today’s young population’s purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. 

Ultimately, social media presence became an easy determinant of success and luckily, some brands were able to cope quickly!

3 Retail Brands Winning On Social Media

Brands on social media have become the norm. And while some people are yet to master leveraging social media strategies in building customer loyalty, here are three valuable brands winning the game!

Boohoo Group

The Boohoo Group, consisting of well-known brands PrettyLittleThing and NastyGal, has always considered its social media marketing strategy important to its overall success. Leveraging influencer advertisements and using pop-culture-fuelled content, the brands have successfully engaged the younger audience of Instagram!

Furthermore, their ability to easily adapt to the current trends have made staying relevant online much easier for them. Coupled with other social campaigns, it’s safe to say the Boohoo Group has got social media down to a tee!


While Gymshark is a relatively newer brand, they managed to leverage the growing market for fitness on Instagram and have gained over nine million followers on the platform! Ultimately, Gymshark is one of the most visible sportswear companies. But how did they do it? 

The brand’s increasing popularity is generally the result of a good understanding of social media and the fitness influencers that control the platform. Just like the Boohoo Group, Gymshark sponsors well-known Instagram personalities in order to leverage their combined audiences. 

For one, influencer Nikki Blackketter has at least one million followers and Blackketter has since released a number of her own collections with the brand. Aside from banking on user generated content, the brand also made investments on social ads — which resulted in a 6.6 ROI!


Any list of social media campaigns and retail brands feel incomplete without the leading sportswear brand, Nike. In recent years, the giant fitness brand has further cemented its reputation for tapping the emotions of its people through inspiring sports campaigns.

One great example of this is it’s recent campaign during the 2019 Women’s World Cup where it created conversations around gender inequality in the sporting industry. Alongside this content marketing strategy, Nike also decided to sponsor 14 out of the 24 teams in the said tournament!

To further emphasize its intent in supporting female athletes, Nike also released an ad celebrating them that generated almost five million views on Youtube and 97,000 retweets on Twitter. 

Valuing Customer Experience

While it feels like social networks are one entirely different playing field, it’s the main essence stays on customer experience. The brands we’ve mentioned above have made it their mission to curate experiences their people love. 

Starting from what they share online down to the very campaigns they implement — customer experience comes first. Due to the increasing competition in the market, brands are taking good care of their people by providing them with better services and products! Take customer experience to a whole other level by leveraging your social media platforms!

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