Why Custom eCommerce Development is Worth It

custom ecommerce development

Why Custom eCommerce Development is Worth It

With the recent turn of events around the world, ecommerce is gaining more popularity than ever. Recent statistics estimate that there’s at least 12 to 24 million sites across the entire globe and with 93.5% of global internet users actively purchasing products online, it’s safe to say it’s becoming the leading source of income for most people. 

Experts believe that as the years go by, more and more websites will be designed and developed. And because modern technology is making online stores much easier even for those without prior knowledge of web development, it’s safe to say that ecommerce platforms are here to stay!

With this much growth and opportunity, it’s hard not to want a slice of that pie — especially if you’re an aspiring business owner with limited capital. So, how do you join in on the fun? With so much information around ecommerce websites, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, Creatitive’s here to guide you down the road of developing an ecommerce site! Learn what ecommerce solutions are and determine whether custom ecommerce website development is the best way to go. 

How ecommerce Sites Are Created

Developing ecommerce websites takes time and it normally goes through several stages. Despite this, newbies shouldn’t really feel intimidated by the process. So long as you know the basic process, you’ll have an easier time ensuring things go your way.

Generally, there’s two ways business owners can build their own websites, by using an ecommerce website builder or by working with a custom ecommerce website development company! 

Ecommerce builders such as Shopify makes creating your online store easy. Do you need to have a basic background on web development to make things work? Definitely not! One of the greatest reasons why most people opt to take this route is because of how easy it is. 

Every feature that your site will need is available with one click and more! They’ll create a fully automated site for your business, eliminating the confusion that often comes with starting from scratch. Furthermore, they offer other services that can help take some workload off the business owner’s shoulders. 

All in all, website builders have definitely made things more accessible to anyone who hopes to start their online business but just like everything else, it has its disadvantages. And if the easy way is not that great, what about custom ecommerce development?

What Custom ecommerce Development Is

Custom ecommerce development is another way of creating your online shop and one great example of this is WooCommerce. But instead of doing everything by yourself, you’ll be working with a custom ecommerce website development company!

Opting for website builders is as great as it is, but in the long run, it creates problems that leaves consumers at the disadvantage. And with such fierce competition in the market, templated websites might not fare well. That’s why some businesses choose to collaborate with companies like Creatitive in creating their sites despite the common notion that custom ecommerce website developments cost a lot. 

Here are a few of the benefits of working with companies like us!

Benefits Of Building Your Own Shopping Experience

Customizable Products 

If your products offer customization options for consumers, then it’s best that you opt for a system that can accommodate several options for a single product. Normal systems don’t have the capacity for different variables but with a customized solution, complex orders will be easy!

Unique Shipping Options

With greater variety in products means more diverse shipping concerns. Instead of being stuck with one option, custom ecommerce solutions will allow you to offer different courier delivery services such as FedEX, UPS or DHL. 

Custom Coupon or Promo Codes 

While website builders may include features for coupon codes but it may be limited in scope. For instance, a company may want to limit codes to a certain number of products or to prevent it from being used on specific items. 

Unfortunately for us, not every ready-made solution can accommodate such specifications for coupons. Custom-created websites will allow you to create as many rules as you can around your promo codes! 

Specified Credit Card Processors

It may be common for smaller companies to use their bank’s credit card processing service for their mode of payment, there are still those who want to use another company or brand for reasons such as lower fees or faster availability of funding. 

And if your pre-build ecommerce site happens to have limited support for processors, you might be stuck with a few options — which would then affect the shopping experience of users. 

Better Performance

Standard websites from site builders often come with features that cannot be removed by businesses. And when these features become stagnant, it can create an additional load on your site’s performance. 

Custom web development solves this by giving businesses exactly what they need — nothing less and nothing more! By using features that are specifically created for your shop, it eliminates conflicts and complexity. 

Your site will have a much smooth process and should you want to improve things further, custom development provides more room to do so!

Ultimately, building your own ecommerce website costs a lot but it’s a great investment in the long run! Additionally, it comes with a little help for experts that can assist you in growing your business!

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