Website Conversion Rate Part 2
Website Conversion Rate Part 2

In the last post, we discussed how design plays an important part in affecting a website’s conversion rate, and how many marketers view that it is important to get great conversion data. The purpose of this was to explain the importance of our Discovery process, a multi-part process that is dedicated to getting to know you and your business for the sake of creating a high-performing site that improves its average conversion rate.

In this post, which is Part II of the same topic, we’ll talk a little bit more about the specific elements of design that contribute to conversion like the way your landing pages look! Additionally, we’ll also look into the additional factors that affect a website’s conversion rate and how Discovery addresses these concerns.

Who would have ever thought that your average website conversion rate will be affected simply because you did not go through a discovery stage and skipped on implementing a half-baked marketing campaign?

Website Design Factors that Affect Average Conversion Rates

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There are many different factors of a website’s design that contribute to its conversion rate. However, explaining all of these would require huge amounts of time. And oftentimes new con So we’ve listed just a few to give you a good starting point and basic understanding of the role design plays in improving average conversion rates:

Clear Call to action

On a website, a call to action is an element, such as a button or link, that prompts a user to take a specific action. Where your call to action is placed directly affects your website’s conversion rates. The better copy you have for your CTA, the stronger the consumer’s desired action will be!

Most landing pages require an effective CTA in order to get a good conversion rate. And oftentimes, when brands optimize their landing page and its CTA, it easily results in different conversion rates from before!


The font, logo, imagery, and colors on your website are all important aesthetic factors that attribute to a conversion rate because they directly affect a consumer’s emotional response and engagement. Every eCommerce site needs to have a pleasantly-looking landing page.

Mobile users do not really stay long to give the written content a chance when they realize they are looking at an upsetting website. That is also why Google analytics has now made web design and responsiveness part of the ranking factors today. If you want to ensure that your improved conversion rates stay as the year goes by, it’s important to ensure that your landing page and the entirety of your website look great! There is a reason why Google Analytics has ranked the responsiveness of your page, and it is because website visitors are after what they can read and see before the services you offer. As paying customers, you need to anticipate that for better website conversion rate optimization.

Navigation & Page Optimization

How quickly and easily users can navigate your site is important to improving conversion rate. If it requires too much effort for someone to get to where they want to be, they’re going to give up and look elsewhere. Remember that mobile devices are a little be smaller compared to computers, your regular-looking landing page might even look so small on different devices. If you do not pay enough attention, this might cost your conversion rate optimization to falter.

It’s important to ensure that your website and its landing page are mobile-friendly to generate good conversion optimization rates!  

Other Important Elements That Affect Average Conversion Rate Optimization

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In addition to design, there are also many other additional factors that can affect a website’s conversion rate. Business is business, you would have thought that industry and business model are the only two things that will affect your conversion rate, eh? Well, some of the main optimization efforts include content, site speed, SEO, and PPC.


The content on your site needs to be engaging, relative, and useful for your audience in order to trigger the emotional response that leads to a conversion rate. Content marketing is one of the most important foundations of any digital marketing strategy today.

Even your landing pages need effective content to successfully get website visitors to do the desired action. If you don’t optimize your landing page, improving your conversion rates will definitely be difficult! Remember that your blog site and content marketing efforts would help streamline your conversion funnel for your site visitors to achieve your desired action.

Site speed

Site loading slowly? You can kiss that lead goodbye. Site visitors nobody got time for that. If you have a low average conversion rate, chances are your site’s loading page is an eyesore. To calculate conversion rate, you should start with your site speed amongst many other things. Remember that your site visitors, your paying customers would not want until your website loads completely after five to ten seconds. It only takes two seconds for them to make up their minds and click exit, resulting in a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate optimization.

There are various ways to improve your online marketing and quantitative data.


Your audience accesses your site through search engines. Without SEO, there’s little chance that anyone is going to find you on Google. SEO is one of the key elements of making your website conversion rate go higher. SEO efforts make sure that your landing page is getting organic website visitors.

If you want more conversions for your existing traffic. You must use web analytics tools that will help your conversion goals. These conversion rate optimization tools will help your optimization efforts to achieve your conversion goals. If you are amongst the many online retailers, you would know that to improve your website conversion rate, and increase conversions, you need Google Ads, optimized content, and continuous SEO strategies! At this rate, your online store’s traffic and site’s conversion rate will continue to grow.

A lot of people forget that website conversion only happens when users actually find your landing pages. After all, it’s difficult to get potential customers to do your desired action when they barely have any idea that you actually exist. Conversion rate optimization CRO testing tools would be a good start. So, if you want to improve your conversion rate, then you need to improve your website’s overall SEO campaign!


PPC or online advertising is a great way to generate an immediate conversion rate from a site, but there’s some finesse involved with this method. With proper analysis tools and an optimization strategy, your website traffic will benefit greatly from PPC. Your PPC ads need to be optimized in order to work and engage if they’re going to be clicked to do this, you would need professional Google ads advertisers working for you, to better understand your user behavior analytics tools. As many conversions are often the result of online marketing and boost conversions from website traffic, remember that PPC advertising is just as important as your social media campaigns.

If you want to ensure that your website doesn’t miss out on any unique visitors, PPC can be a great traffic source! The only difference between SEO and PPC is that the latter might ask you for more money. See, in order to secure a place in the SERPs of your desired keyword, you need to participate in an auction that Google Adwords use!

Every Business Website Need a Discovery Stage

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Discovery is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a process of investigation. During Discovery, we analyze the performance of your existing site and get a feel for the competitive landscape to see what you’re up against. Then, we narrow down your target audience and find out what appeals to and interests them so we can add the right elements to your website. You may not even think about the eCommerce conversion rate during this process, but ultimately it helps all e-commerce sites.

Partnering with a website discovery service would help you not only get more conversions but also understand your consumer and user behavior (customer’s concerns and more), position your online store better, have a more accurate pricing page, produce a better web form and product pages, and even help you with countless split testing (A/B testing) with CRO testing tools which are better than any free tool anyone can have over the internet. Remember that digital marketing is not just to increase revenue but also to understand your market better to have better services and ultimately, website conversion rate.

During Discovery you also get to see multiple options for design templates and wireframing. This is important because it allows you to truly understand the user experience. You get to see how the website looks and feels and gain an understanding of why someone would click on a certain link or destination.

You also get to see our PPC competitor analysis tool. Completing an analysis allows us to get your site set up with a PPC campaign so it will start showing up on search engine listings right away, which gives it a better chance of producing a conversion rate immediately after launching. It is one form of conversion funnel and an important part of your conversion rate optimization tools.

Also, with Discovery, we can avoid all the messy business of re-coding and go through multiple revisions. After the Discovery phase, we’ll know exactly what coding needs to take place, which is more cost-effective for you. With this process, you are sure to bring in more website visitors to your web page allow your conversion rate optimization to be more efficient and higher.

Need help to calculate conversion rate or increase your website traffic? Reach out to us and let us help. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for future articles!

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