How Discovery Increases Your Website Conversion Rate (Part I)

How Discovery Increases Your Website's Conversion Rate

How Discovery Increases Your Website Conversion Rate (Part I)

With so much of our lives being conducted online and an increasing growth in online retail, having a website is absolutely essential for running a business. However, having any old website is simply not enough; your website has to be able to convert.

A website that is well-planned and created consciously with conversions in mind is going to perform better than one that’s not. That’s why at Creatitive, we use a Discovery process that focuses intensely on website conversion rate optimization to ensure that our client’s get the most out of their investment.

Part I and Part II of this post will be dedicated to explaining how exactly this process helps improve website conversion rates. However, before we get into the nitty gritty details, we’re going to explain a little bit about the role design has in producing conversions on a site, which is Part I.

Why Is Web Design Important for Conversions?

In order to successfully generate sales, your website has to perform better than your competitors. How your website looks and functions (aka its design) is an essential part of what affects its ability to engage consumers, establish credibility, and, ultimately, produce conversions.

If you’re unfamiliar, conversions occur when a user takes a desired action on a website, such as making a purchase or setting an appointment. Conversion rate, therefore, can be defined as the percentage of people that take that desired action out of the total number of people visiting the site.

Statistics About How Web Design Affects Conversion Rates

Web design directly affects conversion rates. If your site fails to load quickly, looks unappealing to a consumer, or is difficult to navigate, they’re going to click away. Here are some statistics that support this claim:

  • Studies estimate that of the factors that attribute to the first impression visitors have of a website, 94% are design related.
  • Approximately three-fourths of visitors accessing a site will make judgements about a business’s credibility based on its design
  • The vast majority of visitors who have a bad experience on a site will never return


From this data, it’s easy to see that design is a crucial factor for what determines a website’s performance. Bad design means a bad user experience, which means that there’s no way a consumer is going to make that purchase or that phone call you want them to.

That’s why at Creatitive, we believe in approaching these situations preemptively. Going through a Discovery process with you allows us to get to know your business better and become more familiar with your audience, which allows us to a conversion focused web design that helps you capture leads.

Learn More About Our Discovery Process

Curious to know more? For more information, you can browse our Discovery page or read Part II of this post. In Part II, we’ll discuss more about the various design factors that affect conversion rates and how Discovery creates a better user experience and better performing site.


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