A Comparison of the Best E-Commerce Website Builders

best ecommerce website builder

A Comparison of the Best E-Commerce Website Builders

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world. But without a great website, selling and marketing your products online is almost impossible. Though it might seem like a major challenge to create an ecommerce website designed to sell your stuff for you, it’s far easier than you think. All you need is to pick the best eCommerce website builder for your business. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite platforms.




WooCommerce is an open-sourced (meaning free) plugin that you can use on any WordPress theme. All you need to do is install the plugin and customize the store on the back-end. Just as with any WordPress theme, you need to find your own hosting options for the domain. To customize your WooCommerce store, you’ll make changes in the back-end of your WordPress site, just like you would with the non-sales related pages. The website builder can accept payments both on and offline and integrates well with PayPal, Stripe, and all major credit card companies.


Like WooCommerce, Magento is an open-sourced platform, but it can be applied to almost any standard website. It just takes a little more technical know-how. This platform is specifically designed to work on both desktop and mobile and can be completely customized to fit your store’s design aesthetic. Setting up payment options with different providers is simple and their visual designer makes customizing layout, adding products, and setting up upsell messages and popups a breeze.


Arguably the most well-known of the best eCommerce website builders, Shopify can be a great choice. Think of the platform as your all-in-one ecommerce website. It allows you to create an easy-to-navigate shop for customers, optimize the site for search engines, and manage inventory with the click of a button. Unlike the other options, Shopify can be used both as a plugin for other website builders and an all-in-one hosting and eCommerce platform. This is ideal if you’re looking to only work with a single provider for all things hosting and web design.

Need Help Finding the Best Ecommerce Website Builder for Your Store?

The right store design can make all the difference in your company’s success. Reach out today and let us help you find the best eCommerce website builder for your brand.

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