Workout Clothing Brands & Workout Gear Making Big Wins

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Workout Clothing Brands & Workout Gear Making Big Wins

When it comes to the pinnacle of success in the sporting goods industry, few niches can top the success workout brands see month after month. With changing fashion and an increase in demand for functional yet trendy athleisure wear, clothing brands have no choice but to try to keep up. While most see continued sales, some apparel brands are blowing the competition out of the water.

Here are a few of the top movers and shakers to keep an eye on.

Adidas Gym Gear

Adidas has been around for decades, but they’re still making huge wins in the industry. They sponsor new and successful athletes, appeal to the non-professional consumer, and offer a range of universal clothing options for almost every body type and sense of style. They’re timeless and their storytelling ability on social media helps them reach a broader audience than ever before.

Fabletics Apparel Brand

Fabletics is a women-only clothing line that focuses on providing quality and stylish line of activewear at an affordable price. Founded by actress Kate Hudson, the company has seen a major increase in popularity over the last few years. Why? Because of their changing styles, low prices, and stellar customer service help set them apart from larger competitors like Nike and Reebok.

Squats Fitness Apparel & Gym Gear

Squats is a relatively new company, but they’re making a huge impact on the social media scene. In fact, it’s their primary means of advertising their products. They connect with their followers in a personal way: they use their customers to model their gear. This helps consumers get a better idea of the brand’s values and shows how their universal clothes fit different body types, not just the standard already-fit model.

Muscle Club Gym Gear

Muscle Club produces high-quality clothing, high-performance accessories, and works to sponsor up-and-coming athletes. And while their clothing is incredibly functional and well-designed, it’s their customer service that sets them apart from the rest. They respond promptly to all customer questions and do everything they can to make sure they’re happy with each purchase. This makes them one of the top consumer-driven workout brands on the market


Consumer’s Perspective: The Importance of Workout Clothes

It is a proven fact that if people wear proper clothes and gear during exercise, it will affect the end result. Typically, most athletic trainers confront a common debate about the dress code during workout sessions. Most trainers will suggest that people should wear proper style and function clothes when they go to the gym.

Experts will also insist that gym-goers should wear fitness clothes that are more breathable and flexible. It is good to look good but when it comes to exercises it is more important to be comfortable in their clothes, running shoes and other gym gear accessories.

It is, for this reason, that most reputed and reliable brand offers universal fitness clothes built with more emphasis on the design so that consumers can work out as comfortably as possible.

Ideally, the better people feel in their workout clothing it is more likely that they will feel positive about exercise, and at the same time will continue hitting the gym doing their exercise and intense workout over and over again.

According to research, it is found that those who are very conscious about their physical appearances and in the type of sportswear they use are less likely to get involved in more strenuous physical activities.

Also, did you know that wearing activewear brands can actually promote physical activity? As daily exercise fights for space amongst our busy schedules, we want the option to squeeze in an informal exercise whenever we can. Being already dressed for the occasion helps to facilitate our get-up-and-go attitude.

Confidence is half the battle, and having workout gear that highlights your hard work really helps motivate you to get your sweat on. Gym clothes don’t just get people to the door of your spin class. But people believe performance-built wear also helps them push themselves harder.

See, when we look good, we feel good, and we feel motivated to do a little more. When we love our exercise gear, it also encourages us to wear them more, which means we exercise more often. It takes courage, strength, determination, and simply overcoming your own mind to be successful in the gym.

Feeling tired is a trick your brain loves to play, but it doesn’t last long. Most times, that feeling of exhaustion will leave once people start moving around with a purpose. And that is to get dressed for the gym.

Ideally, this target market will need everyday wear that is extremely breathable and flexible for any type of physical activity. Yes, they can also add the feel good and look good factor to it, but besides being stylish in their appearance it is the level of comfort and unaffected range of motion that is most necessary.


Fashion and Gym Gear

When the comfort factor is taken care of, it is the fit that they focus on more than the fashion. Once again in this aspect, there are several factors that will play a significant role in deciding how comfortable workout clothes are. 

These factors will include the fabric that the clothes are made up of so that they would pick the right type of workout clothes for the right kind of activity they want to perform. Whether it is for the gym, for the yoga class, for walking in the park or for a spontaneous jog.

When choosing their workout clothes the first thing they look for is the fabric used to construct it. If they look for synthetic fiber, they make sure that it will allow their skin to breathe and at the same time will draw away the sweat from your body. This will, in turn, help them to regulate the temperature of their bodies and keep it cool.

People always make sure that they do not wear any clothes made of polyester or similar material. This prevents breathing their skin and will at the same time prevent the heat and sweat to escape. For consumers, it is always best to choose natural fibers such as cotton as that will absorb the sweat.

Consumers are very specific about the fabric especially if those with very sensitive skin.

This will prevent chances of any rashes developing on their skin and at the same time will not retain the bacteria that usually give rise to bad odor.

There are a few high-tech performance fabrics such as bamboo and wool, apart from cotton that will reduce odors altogether. These types of fabrics are best to wear for people who cannot take a shower after finishing a workout session.

The fit of the workout clothes the next thing that consumers consider while buying. Clothes that fit properly will make their workout enjoyable and fruitful at the same time. Improperly fitted clothes are a major cause for sports-related injuries and it can interfere with the workout as well. Loose and comfortable clothes will provide the right motivation to exercise.

Apart from that they consider the season and change their workout clothing accordingly as well. For example, in winter season they wear clothes in layers so that they can remove it one by one as their bodies gain heat.

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Now that you know the practice of the largest workout brands and consumer insights, you can now start your own ventures. The most successful workout brands provide a balance of style and value for money. But the brands that earn the most long-term support from their customers focus on customer satisfaction every time.

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