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All the eye-catching and powerful websites you see on the Internet are the accumulative effort of web designers and web developers. Individuals new to web development commonly use “web designers” and “web developers” together, yet these are two different professions. 

For instance, low-budget companies rarely hire the services of a web designer; instead, they delegate their web developers to layout and develop the whole website, whereas wiser business leaders, such as eCommerce business owners who depend on their websites to succeed, employ both web designers and web developers to build websites with a cutting-edge User Interface (UI). 

This blog will go through “Web design Vs. Web development”. Individuals may assume these two are the same —but that’s not quite right. 

What are the differences? 

Is there really a Web design vs. Web development thing?

To explore this further, let’s dive into some general concepts:

What is Web Design?

Web Design requires visual designers and style theories to enhance the website’s appearance and provide a best-in-class User Experience (UX). Web designers —a.k.a visual designers— are responsible for the website’s look and impact, so they maintain the website’s User Interface (UI) and UX designs in optimal condition. Most web designers are frequently described as right-brain employees for their creativity and artistry; they get their creative juices flowing and start new projects.

A website designer works on the aesthetic aspects of a website, creating mockups, etc. UX designers put color theory into practice to select the most suitable color palettes, visual designs, and fonts to boost a website’s visual allure. On the other hand, UX design handles the website’s functionality and navigation for a better customer experience. 

What is Web Development?

Web development utilizes programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop a website. Generally speaking, web developers create the invisible structure that helps websites function properly using their coding skills. They are called left-brain workers for their excellent logical and sensible skills.

Web developers work hand in hand with web designers to start a brand-new project. Designers get the website layout from developers and encode it using front-end development technology.

So, web designers have coding skills as well?

Yes, they are good at coding, as well as Adobe Photoshop.

Front-End and Back-End Development

  • Front-end web development — UI designers develop the website’s graphical and visual elements that users can view and interact with— makes use of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build and showcase the website’s layout. 
  • Back-end development deals with information management and demands. A back-end web developer concentrates on how a site functions and how the consumers get things done utilizing specific performance. 

Three Types of Web Developers to Fulfill Your Business Needs

Front-End Developers

Front-End developers use the trinity tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop a website’s user interface. They design all the visual aspects of websites, including all the switches, font layout, fonts, images, headings, as well as the website’s title.

Back-End Developers

Besides creating the invisible structure that helps websites function, Back-End developers create codes to bring up multi-experienced websites, platforms, and mobile applications. They use tools like Java, SQL, Python, PHP, C++, C#, etc. Unlike the Front-End, programming languages are not stable for back-end growth. Thus, technology thought leaders suggest organizations change their back-end software once in a while. 

Full-Stack Developers

A full-stack developer works with various layers, but in a nutshell, a stack developer is a person who understands both the innovations of Front and Back-End. Big companies have different teams for front-end advancement and back-end development; however, small businesses are looking for full-stack web developers who work as both developers and web designers.

Web Design vs. Web Development: Similarities

Web design and web development are critical for businesses’ success wishing to produce and preserve positive online visibility. These two fields work very closely together. Although some business owners look for people to fulfill both skills simultaneously, we recommend getting web designers and web developers to work as a team. From a business perspective, these two professionals may need to sharpen their programming expertise separately to succeed in their career paths. 

This is what they should have in common: Web developers and designers must stay updated with trends in technology, software innovation, and developments in their fields. Remember: in an ever-changing world —even if you are a freelance web designer— you must be on the leading edge of technology to offer winning solutions to businesses and help companies engage with their customers through a unique user experience.

Web Design vs. Web Development: Differences

Although they share some skills, web development and web designers must understand detailed competencies in their particular fields. 

Web designers

  • They work closely associated with graphic designers to create the website’s visual design, including visual assets and information architecture,
  • Web designers must have higher expertise in what makes a website visually appealing  
  • They must grasp layout applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, JavaScript, and scripting frameworks for multi-feature front-end applications. 
  • They need to ensure the items they develop fit a service’s brand name, from logos to color schemes.

Web developers:

  • Create websites within the visual criteria set forth by web designers. 
  • They make sure the final product meets the expectations of the visual designer. In other words, they must ensure the web designer’s job and instructions are followed.
  • Must understand extra comprehensive programming skills and software program languages, such as Structured Query Language (SQL), Python, Java, and the growth of APIs for network connections, data source devices, server architecture, and agile systems evaluation.

Is there really a “Web designer vs. Web developer” thing?

Small And Midsize Business owners may need clarification on the obscured lines bordering the terms web design vs. web development. Although some professionals can do both, many companies have devoted designers to creating the website’s layout and submitting it to a web developer that finishes the advancement phase. 

Ideally, this blog will help clear up the mistaken belief that layout and development are the same.

If you have so many ideas about a great website’s user interface but you need more technical skills, that’s okay. Please leave it to the professionals. Creatitive has cutting-edge web designers and web developers with innovative practices in coding languages.

We’re intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the ever-changing technology industry.

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