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Ultimately, the team builds the athlete’s reputation. You’re a part of the team’s brand and the only way to stand out and set yourself up for long-term success as a professional athlete is to focus on building your personal brand. There are many great personal branding examples across the sports world that new and emerging athletes can look at and emulate.

Personal branding has staying power. It helps you build a fanbase that follows you no matter what team you’re playing on or where you go in your career.

What is Personal Branding For People

Most athletes have probably asked the question of what is personal branding. And while some of them may think it’s all about painting a perfect picture of someone, they’re wrong.

Building a memorable personal brand is all about building a marketable image of a professional player alongside their most authentic colors. And in today’s age of digitalization, it means creating and sharing content from their everyday lives that connect them to their audiences.

Ultimately, personal branding means creating a moving and memorable image of yourself by staying true to your beliefs and principles! To give you a better understanding of the matter, we’ve listed down some examples of what a strong personal brand looks like!  

Here Are A Few Of The Strong Personal Brand Examples Online

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Personal Brand on Instagram

Undoubtedly, he might be better known for his movies nowadays, but The Rock got his start as a wrestler. Wrestlers have their own stage personalities, and he used him in building his own personal brand that allowed him to do more. Now his personal branding strategies are completely separate from his past as a wrestler, but this is more proof of his success.

Johnson’s large Instagram following from his film career landed him great deals with brands like Apple and VOSS Water.

It’s important for professional athletes to remember that the best examples of a personal brand show that they are capable of doing more. Ultimately, Johnson’s effective personal branding has received praise for being one of the most consistent cross-platform campaigns in the online marketing game!

LeBron James’ Personal Branding Campaign

LeBron’s career received praise from his games, not from the teams he played on. As a matter of fact, even non-basketball fans know and recognize his name.

His strength gave him the ability to build a professional athlete brand on his own rather than riding off of team recognition. He’s used his personal branding to help promote charities and causes he’s passionate about.

His personal brand received admiration for owning its own narrative and media coverage through digital marketing campaigns.

He stayed true to his beliefs and principles despite the negative feedback he often received. As one of the top examples of personal branding, LeBron’s success shows that players can use a solid athlete brand strategy to support their community and bring happiness to others.

Serena Williams’ Personal Branding Strategy On Social Media Channels

Although Serena’s career did receive recognition from tennis, it now receives praise beyond games.

Williams’ involvement in fashion on and off-court earned her, her own clothing line. Her personal brand strategy receives praise for successfully building a family-conscious image. She made her personality work for her.

Furthermore, Williams’ career received its strength from consistency. Her online persona matched that of her real-life behavior, making her more likable. And as a result, she has built a reputation that will let her career expand beyond sports for years after she retires.

Why It Matters Today on Social Media

The age of the Internet and modern technology has brought us a much more competitive market unlike before. And with this purpose in mind, fans are looking for a new breed of athletes.

They don’t just want players that have a great game. They want to form relationships with authentic people they can connect with! A personal brand has helped several celebrities and professional athletes build trusting relationships with their people.

And because of the authenticity of this connection, consumers become loyal fans of them! Athletes can freely explore different fields without worry. A point often overlooked in today’s market is that the Internet has granted everyone the ability to market themselves on the internet.

If businesses or brands are to invest in influencers like professional athletes, they must be able to offer something different to the table like a new audience on social media.

Furthermore, a personal brand helps build the credibility that people often look for. Recent studies have revealed 90% of consumers trust personal recommendations that company messages. With the help of a credible personal brand, audiences will put more value into your opinions and suggestions,

Develop Your Personal Branding Strategy Online With A Sports Marketing Agency!

These personal branding examples are just the tip of the iceberg. And they work because the athletes actively strive to promote themselves on social media like Instagram as separate from their teams.

If you’re tired of trying to emulate these personal branding examples on your social media accounts, drop us a line and see how our sports marketing agency can help! Let’s discuss branding strategies that can support you in exploring future career endeavors.

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