Why Every Business Needs Brand Identity Guidelines

brand identity guidelines

Why Every Business Needs Brand Identity Guidelines

There’s more to creating a great brand than just designing the perfect website and logo. You need guidelines to keep your brand consistent no matter how you use your designs and how you communicate with your target market. Establishing brand identity guidelines is an absolute must for any new business. But you need to know why. Here are a few reasons guidelines are invaluable for every growing business.

Promotes Consistency

Brand identity is built by brand recognition. If people recognize your logo, colors, or name, you’ll start to create a company identity. But without consistency, building brand recognition is impossible. Everything needs to be the same across different advertising channels. Otherwise, you risk your company being mistaken for another. Brand identity guidelines explain how each aspect of your branding can be used across your marketing strategy and materials.

Establishes Rules for Publication

Do you know when to use a logo as opposed to a wordmark? Just because you know when it’s appropriate doesn’t mean others will. Your brand guidelines establish rules for when to use each type of design, logo, color palate, and any other form of branded promotion. These rules also allow you to establish the exact parameters for replicating logos and names on different media, again furthering your brand’s consistency.

Consistency Lends to the Appearance of Success

Successful brands look more professional. Why? Because their branding efforts are more consistent. This helps make brands look established even when they’re completely new. Brand identity guidelines make your brand look more successful because your logos and designs will be more easily recognizable. It shows customers that you’ve invested in your business and take pride in how things are done. You’re not just flying by the seat of your pants. Remember, the more perceived success you have, the more confident customers and clients will be when working with you.

Need Help Creating Brand Identity Guidelines?

Brand identity guidelines are a key part of every new business’s digital marketing strategy and you should never feel like you have to create them on your own. Schedule a free consultation with our marketing experts and see how a dedicated agency can help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.