How to Secure a Sports Sponsorship: Advice for Athletes & Sports Teams

sponsoring athletes and sports

How to Secure a Sports Sponsorship: Advice for Athletes & Sports Teams

For athletes and sports teams alike, getting a sports sponsorship is a huge accomplishment. It means someone is willing to invest in your future. Whether you’re looking for money or product donations, there are sponsorships out there. But finding the right sponsorship? That can be a real challenge (of course sports sponsorship agencies can make that challenge a lot easier). Here’s what you need to do to get sponsored and start growing your reputation.

Think About the Type of Sponsorship You Want

Sports or team sponsorship has a lot of benefits, but there’s no doubt that there are multiple things to consider as well. You’ll want to look into different types of sports sponsorships and what they can provide to you.  The decision-making process isn’t always easy in choosing the right sponsor. Luckily, Creatitive is here to help you out!

Categories of sports sponsorship can include the following:

  • Title sponsor
  • Main sponsor
  • Official sponsor
  • Official partner
  • Technical partner

Of course the title or main sponsors might have the most reach in numbers, it’s also the most expensive. A major sports team like Real Madrid can expect to receive over $100 million dollars a year from their main sponsor (Adidas). For a lot of companies, it makes more sense to go smaller and to target a specific niche area. For example an official partner is usually a partner in a specific niche or industry. An example could be Visa being the financial official partner of a sports team.

Many sponsorships give players and teams money or pay for a portion of your travel, training, and operational costs. Start thinking about the type of sports team sponsorship you want right now! Are you looking for free or discounted clothes, shoes, and gear or do you want someone to cover entry fees or transportation? This will help you narrow down the sponsors you want to approach. Remember, sponsors like athletes and teams that can promote their business in return. Make sure you’re actively promoting yourself or your team before looking for sponsors.

How to Find a Sponsor for Your Sports Team or as an Athlete


Sponsorships for Sports Teams & Athletes

A sponsorship is generally a good thing for both sides. Let’s get started here and figure out how you can find a sponsor.

In order to get a good sponsorship for your sports team, you’ll need to talk to the company. And reaching out to their general customer service division is a great place to start. But you’ll still have to dig a little deeper. Check their website for information. Look for contact information for their sponsorship marketing and PR departments.

If you can’t find it online, reach out to their customer service team. If you’re approaching a small local business for help, go directly to the manager and business owner. They’re the ones who will make the decisions and they’re the ones you need to present your case to.

It’s a good idea to assign a person in charge for this to find a sponsorship. Finding a sponsor can take time and requires some effort. It’s best to have one person who takes that responsibility (of course it can still be a team effort).

Reach Out for a Potential Sponsor

The hardest part of getting a sports team sponsorship is reaching out to potential sponsors. Marketing yourself or your team is tough. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get the sponsorship you’re looking for. Explain to the prospective sponsor why you’re the best choice. Share your passion for their brand and explain what their sponsorship will help you do. In the end, there are a lot of athlete sponsorship opportunities, but you have to make sure you get the right one.

Identifying your needs and knowing what you can offer is very important. Before you’re able to reach out to potential companies brainstorm about this with your team. It’s easier to make a compelling case for sponsorship when you can tell companies exactly what their contribution will go toward.

A lot of companies invest in sponsorship marketing to have a positive return on investment (ROI). Think about their business goals and challenges, and how you can help them with these things. If you have the right answers, it will make reaching out a lot easier. And of course, always be polite, be brief, and be respectful.

Definition of a sponsorship in 2019

An association between a company and an athlete or sports club. A sports sponsorship can be a powerful and impactful marketing technique.

The main goal of this partnership depends on the party of the equation. The company investing is trying to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty (sports have always been a huge profit-driver for a lot of companies). On the other side, the athlete or sports club’s main objective is to find a financing source.

An example would be a brand logo printed on a well-known soccer team’s jersey. Every time that soccer team plays, the company will have extra exposure and visibility.

Choose the Right Sponsor

When you go for a sports sponsorship, you are serving two different audiences moving forward. From now on, you’ll have to keep your audience as well as your sponsors happy. Sponsors want a positive ROI. They want airtime and they want to speak and engage with your audience.

You will also need to make sure the content your sponsors are delivering is valuable for your audience, or you might lose some of your sport fans. This is definitely something you should think about as well. If you have difficulties doing this yourself, you can always use sports sponsorship agencies.

Marketing Trends for a Sponsorship in Sports for 2019

We can conclude that sports sponsorships are booming in 2019, and likely this will still be the case moving forward. Companies have been offering loads of money to get their brand message across to the big public. Sport is also a great industry for them, since it offers something extremely valuable, which is real emotion.

There are digital possibilities available for both global players as well as small start-ups. Today sports sponsorship is more and more about storytelling and content marketing. Influencer marketing plays a big role in this as well and is particularly attractive for fitness and sports brands.

Sponsorship Begins with Marketing

The bigger following you have on social media, the more sponsors you’ll attract. Start growing your reputation today. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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