How to Use Local Lead Generation to Grow Your Small Business

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How to Use Local Lead Generation to Grow Your Small Business

Ultimately, no one likes making cold calls but then again, how else do you get new clients? Unless you have a dedicated team for contacting your target market, growing a business requires a lot of work.

But thanks to the Internet and today’s technology, local business owners now have an easier way of finding potential customers called local lead generation! And before we jump into the discussion of the right way of using it, let’s first talk about what lead generation really is!

What Lead Generation For Local Businesses is And How It Works

Lead generation, in a nutshell, is the activity of sending prospect customers through a local lead generation system or funnel. It’s the process of asking for information such as email address or phone numbers in hopes of turning them into high intent leads that are likely to become paying customers! 

Now usually, to generate leads for local business meant taking calls and using traditional advertisements like yellow pages and more. But today’s internet has provided local businesses with a plethora of ways to reach brand new audiences such as organic search engine results, Google ads or Facebook ads! 

To learn more about the different ways today’s businesses generate quality leads, Creatitive has listed down some of the commonly used local lead generation tools! 

Commonly Used Tools

  • Pop Ups

Pop ups, for some customers, are that thing they can’t just easily get rid of — because regardless of the business model of a website, they’ll be there. Why? Because they work and they’re very versatile. 

Unlike during the early years of the internet, pop ups nowadays are no longer obtrusive or spammy. Brands now use them to alert site visitors of new offers or introduce blog subscriptions and more! Experts believe that its flexibility is what makes them great tools, they can be utilized in different ways and can be triggered by a wide variety of user actions. 

They can appear the moment a user lands on a page or when their mouse leaves the window. Additionally, they can be timed to appear after the user spends a certain amount of time on the page!

  • Landing Pages 

Landing pages have become a universal tool when it comes to local lead generation — and for good reason! It’s one of the most effective tools that allows brands to communicate a large amount of information on products or services in one medium.

Aside from this, they can also be easily optimized and used on online advertisements like Google Ads or Facebook Ads! And while it may be true that it’s a far more effective tool, there are certain Dos and Don’ts for landing pages such as keeping things simple and short. 

  • Contests

Giveaways and other forms of competitions is one of the most fool-proof ways businesses can gather leads within a short amount of time. 

Some of the best practices experts suggest are choosing exciting but relevant prizes and incentivizing sharing! Adding a social sharing call to action can help further increase the reach of your contest.

Driving Traffic And Prospects

Once you’ve gotten around creating these tools, you can start discussing how you can drive traffic to these local lead generation tools using a variety of promotional channels like your brand’s blog or social media accounts!

Here’s an in-depth on each channel and how you can leverage them to your advantage!

  • Blogs

In case you haven’t heard, content is king. Content marketing is revered as one of the most powerful marketing strategies of today! And with this in mind, several brands have used informative content to drive leads by attaching CTAs or Calls to Action at the bottom of their blogs. 

Keep in mind that high quality content delights users! The happier they are with your content, the more likely they are to click your CTAs!

  • Email

Haters would say it’s a pretty outdated approach but recent research argues that it remains to be an effective way of driving traffic and leads!

What makes emails great is that local businesses already have the advantage of their subscribers knowing who they are. All that’s left for them to do is to create emails that grabs the attention of its recipients!

  • Social Media

The growing trend of social media marketing has led to platforms like Instagram making local lead generation easier by adding features that allows users to easily follow a brand’s landing page or CTA. 

For instance, brands with a great following can add the “Swipe Up” feature on their stories that takes their followers to their desired page or landing page! Additionally, the traditional act of adding CTAs or links on Facebook posts remain as effective as they did before. 

Do’s And Don’ts of Generating Leads

Ultimately, generating local leads is a much easier task in comparison to producing national or international leads. But despite this, it doesn’t mean businesses should simply slack around. 

A strategic and planned approach is still needed! As mentioned earlier, there are right ways of implementing local lead generation strategies 

Advertise Correctly

Social media and digital ads on search results are among the most effective ways to reach new clients. Write your ads and explain how your services can help prospective customers. Choose a photo that’s engaging, eye-catching, and guaranteed to encourage people to click your ad. If you’re not sure where to start, a marketing firm specializing in the local lead generation business can help you create an ad campaign that converts.

Give Customers a Way to Reach You

Now that you’ve got your ads written, you’ll need a place to direct those ads to. For most businesses, this means a landing page or form where prospective customers can sign up. Think of these pages as an addition to your business’s website. Customers can request information and sign up for your mailing list all from the same spot.

Follow Up

After creating the ad campaign and local lead generation form, you’ll need to follow up with those customers. Think of it this way, you’ll be contacting people who expressed an interest in your services. The local lead generation business relies on creating at very least warm leads.

Get Help From the Pros

Local lead generation doesn’t have to be a source of confusion. Contact our experienced team and see how we can help you improve your leads, grow your business, and increase your profits quickly

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