Branding Questionnaire: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Your Brand

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Branding Questionnaire: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Your Brand

A branding questionnaire is definitely something everyone should do before starting a brand or business. Starting a company is exciting and it’s always tempting to jump into designing your logo, creating a brand, and planning your company’s future. But before you can, you need to think about the type of brand you want to build. There’s more to it then thinking about your goals or the products you sell. You need to give yourself a solid questionnaire on branding to help pinpoint the things you want to communicate to your clients and customers. Here are a few questions to get you started.

What is A Branding Questionnaire?

A branding questionnaire is a series of questions to better understand your project, whether it’s for a new business or for a rebrand project. Questionnaires on branding are commonly used by web designers, graphic designers and other freelancers in the industry. This helps them to get a better sense of their clients’ wants and needs before diving in.  It will encourage your clients to really think about who they are as a business and how they want to communicate that through their brand. It’s a good strategy to use a long questionnaire, since the more questions you answer the better. Luckily, Creatitive will add all these questions for you in this blog post.



Important Questions For A Brand to Answer

In this part we will answer all the important branding questions. We’ve compiled a full list of questions that every business should ask themselves.

What Does Your Business Do?

This sound simple, right? You perform a service or offer a specific product. But try to think about what those services and products can do for your customers. What are its defining features that allows you stand out from the competition and keeps those clients coming back repeatedly?  These are some of the first questions to ask yourself in order to build a successful brand. For this reason, this is the critical question for our questionnaire on branding. Understanding your business is essential for success.

What Will Your Mission Be?

This is usually a sentence or two that explains your company’s goals. It should also consist of some information about your business. It should be clear to an outsider like a freelancer what your business entails just by reading the company mission statement. Also, it’s a good idea to not only think about what you want. Keep in mind what your potential customer wants. After you’re done with that, think about your product and services positioning statement. This is similar to a company mission statement, only more specific to your offerings.  Does the product that you sell save your customer’s money? Does it help them increase ROI? Think about how exactly you’re helping your target audience.

Who Is Your Target Customer?

Brands are all about communicating your company’s values to clients and customers. Now, think about who you’re trying to reach. What’s their demographic? What types of services do you think they’re looking for when they need your business? What do they want? Remember, different demographics look for different brands and identify with different logos, colors, and even company values.

Developing Customer Profiles

Another great way of learning about your clients is by developing customer profiles! Commonly known as user profiles, these documents should be able to tell you everything that you need to know about your target customers — starting from their age down to their purchasing habits. These data is either gathered through analytical research or customer interviews. They are used as reference in the development of products and marketing strategies! Additionally, they are adjusted from time to time. Customer profiles can help you improve both your brand and the product it offers. But despite this, some business owners still insist that they don’t really need it. The time invested on these buyer personas helps brands understand their customers further. Businesses can personalize their offerings which would then result to brand loyalty! Furthermore, its data can help you determine your brand voice! A brand’s voice refers to the personality used within the words and brands language use — starting from slogans down to product descriptions. Though it’s often confused with the tone of the brand, it only refers to the personality you consistently communicate while tone defines the varying emotions you use in your messages. Use your customer profile to identify the right voice and tone that appeals to your clients!

What’s Your Company’s Personality?

Brands reflect the company personality and even help encourage new employees to find their fit with the company. Think about the type of personality you want to convey to customers. Are you all business or do you like to have fun and play a bit? There’s no wrong answer here and every company will be different.

What Are Your Brand’s Values?

Even if you don’t think your business has values or core principles, it does. You just need to take a moment to think about it. What do you want your company to stand for? Is it quality? Knowledge? Trendiness? Then think about the methods you’ll use to get there. These are your guiding principles and company values. When you communicate them to your customers, you create a unique brand that stands out in their minds.

Who Are Your Company’s Top Three Competitors?

As mentioned above, understanding your business is important. But what’s also important is understanding your market and competitors. Analyze your competitors and know what they are good at, and what they could improve. This will give you valuable insights for your own business as well. A great strategy is considering what you admire or like about your direct competitors. Also, including what you dislike about them is useful, as it will put the basis of how your brand should look like. Having competition is a good thing and you should take advantage of it.

What is Your Defining Story?

Well, any company has a story that sets them apart. This part can be described as a ‘’brand identity questionnaire’’ and creating a brand identity. Nowadays, it is rather important for you to reveal a part of your personal journey that led to the appearance of your business. think about your brand’s personality and how you would describe it? Sharing a unique, inspiring tale about how you put the basis for your company will allow people to connect and identify themselves with what you offer. A great brand story will shape the customer and even promote credibility. And if you struggle to come up with a story, it is always a great idea to select 5 words that define best what you do. From there on, you can extend to sentences that outline your business story and goals.

What Are Your Brand Attributes?

There are some other questions you need to ask yourself, when you are doing a questionnaire for brands. These following questions will talk about the essence and identity of your brand. What characteristics do you want your brand to have: Simple/Intricate Fun/Serious Conservative/Extravagant Approachable/Authoritative Professional/Casual Modern/Classic Sporty/Elegant Extreme/Safe Other important attribute questions can be:

  • Colors that represent your brand. What colors do you not want to use?
  • Words to use. What words would you don’t use to describe the brand?
  • Different attributes and emotions?
  • What design do I want my brand logo to be?

The first thing a potential customer will see is the brand logo. So it’s very important that the design of your logo represents you brand as well. Do you want a simple or abstract logo? Do you want it to be classic or detailed? Contemporary or complex? Think about the style of the font and what colors you want to use here as well.

Why Should I Send A Defining Questionnaire to My Clients?

You could just do everything fast, and create a brand for your clients, but that’s not the way we do things at Creatitive. A questionnaire on branding will help us to create the perfect brand for you. You could just create a brand identity. Choose some random colors and some values that you think look appealing. But that’s not a very strategic approach. Doing it like this isn’t the right approach and maybe your brand will give the wrong impression to your audience. A branding questionnaire for customers is a great way to gather all that information (and this is key) from your client’s perspective. Also, a brand questionnaire will help you understand your client’s needs so much better. That’s the main reason why we believe this is so important.  You can even discuss that information into a creative brief to make sure you’re both on the same page.


General Info About Brands

What Are Brands

A brand represents the idea or image of a specific item or service that potential customers can link with the aid of the name, logo, slogan or design of the company. You can read our article what are brands, to learn more about all things concerning brands.

Why It Works

Well, the truth is that we all create assumptions about everything around us, including products or brands. Hence, establishing your business and setting up your brand will determine you to define specific visuals meant to create a particular response from your target audience. This signifies that potential customers or visitors for your website will recognize your brand based on the said guidelines. If they are satisfied with your products or service, they will easily recognize your company from a large pool of similar businesses. This is why branding is so effective. It creates a particular visual cue that will make a difference in identifying and remembering your business.

How to Define Your Brand?

A brand is more than a gathering of a logo, fonts, images or colors you like. It represents the overall expression of your business`s main values, personality and uniqueness. Its purpose is not to set up a rather beautiful image, but to design something that entices your potential customer. This is the moment in which a branding questionnaire comes into aid to smooth the process. It aids clients establish and communicate their brand`s core values, whilst offering our team an in-depth presentation about your expectations. The following are the top questions you should ask yourself about your business and brand future.

Schedule a Consultation For Your Brand

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s a way to communicate your company’s personality and values and make your company more approachable and unique to clients and customers. At Creatitive, we’ll take your answers to our branding questionnaire and get to know your company as well as possible before we help you bring your vision to life. Schedule a consultation with our experienced team and let us help you establish a clear brand identity that carries across everything your company does.

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