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The competition for local SEO is extremely tough, which is why many small businesses fortify their websites through their best SEO and PPC efforts.

Before you invest in other marketing efforts, you must first strengthen the most important digital marketing asset of small businesses — your small business website. Start building your online presence with a great easy-to-navigate website that best represents your brand! Get the most value out of your investment by developing a site that answers to you and your customer’s needs.

Why Your Small Business Should Value Websites

Back then when the Internet wasn’t as big as it is today, a small business website is one of the least priorities of a small venture—but things have changed. From building credibility among prospect leads down to capturing and converting leads, a small business website get to easily determine your success. Here’s how!

Increases Brand Awareness

As a small venture, you want more people to be aware of your existence. As a matter of fact, you want locals beyond your city to get to know you and view you as a potential business they can love. And while it’s true that this can easily be achieved on social media, a normal consumer still relies on looking to Google to discover businesses. So why miss on the thousands of views and traffic you can gain with a small business website by just relying on Facebook?

With the help of the appropriate SEO strategies as well as a well-designed small business website, more people get to discover and view just how great your venture is!

Builds Trust

Today’s modern customer is as skeptical as people get. Want to earn their trust? Have a small business website they can easily find online! Having a site that features all the information a customer needs to get to know you and hopefully, trust you by the end of the day is important.

Not only does it give you the opportunity to present your business and all its great features to thousands of potential leads, it helps you to get them to actually trust you through a well-developed and informative small business website.

Get The Best Website Designs That Value Your Business And Your People

Every small business website has different requirements, but Creatitive upholds the best practices in all aspects of web design.

Work with us to get the best:

Custom Small Business Website Design

Your new small business website will be built exactly to your specifications, incorporating all your products, resources, and other features that your customer needs. You have room to execute the elements you envision as well as need and follow relevant regulations in your industry.

The designs will be unique to your small business; you have the peace of mind that local competitors won’t be able to imitate or eclipse your site. It will also be built for scaling, so your website can grow with you. Creatitive’s services are tailored to help small businesses get started on building their online presence.

E-commerce Web Development

Having a solid online store has never mattered more than it has to today’s small businesses. Your new site will nudge visitors into the sales funnel and transform them into customers of your small enterprise. Your e-commerce store will contain crisp product photos and enough space for product descriptions.

All the products and services will be organized in easy-to-follow categories for your customer. Your website will also have a visible search function and an easy check-out process for a seamless shopping experience.

Brand Elements (Graphic Design)

Our designers will create designs and icons that follow your business’ color palette. We’ll take into account your preferred typeface and ensure a healthy amount of white space. Your website will boast a balance of text and images or videos that break the monotony of the page.

Visitors to your site will see a dynamic and engaging layout that would encourage them to stay and browse.

Connecting with your Customers Online

Creatitive has built many online stores for small businesses, boasting a comprehensive portfolio with various color palettes, site architectures, and brand personas.

Your site will:

  • Incorporate SEO – Our designers incorporate SEO strategies right from the get-go, so your site will ace Google’s ranking factors.
  • Exhibit Branding Consistency – Before designing your site, we review your branding guidelines to follow your brand’s colors, graphics, fonts, and more.
  • Get Ongoing Support – You’ll receive ongoing customer support from our team. You’ll also have access to our resources whenever you need them.

Discover what a Creatitive website looks like. Schedule a free consultation today.

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