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To provide consulting and design services that would guide Mike through the beginnings of his journey as an entrepreneur and continue to fuel success towards his career as an athlete.

Web Design &

Mike needed a consistent web presence that would both showcase his career as professional athlete and also generate revenue for his new company, Roo Outdoor. In order to accomplish this, I designed and developed a microsite and blog focused on Mike’s life and career journeys that would act as a funnel to direct additional traffic to the Roo Outdoor website.

Brand Identity

I worked with Mike to help him craft a brand identity that would encompass both his professional endeavors as an athlete and an entrepreneur.  I conducted an extensive discovery process and worked over several months to develop a brand language that would translate seamlessly across both the new microsite and the existing company website, as well as the physical collateral for the company’s proprietary product.

Package Design

Mike needed a package design that would allow him to sell his product both online and in store. To get things going, I designed a temporary label to start with that so the product could be sold immediately while the final design was being completed. Then I visited several retail locations to analyze their shelf space and gathered pertinent data for the design specs. I also provided ongoing consulting during each print shop visitation for both the package design and accompanying POP.


My work with Mike began in the spring of 2015. Our initial goal was to increase website traffic and overall sales by the end of the year. However, after just a few short months of the launch date for the new website, we not only were able to reach our goals but also exceeded the original growth projections.