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To design and develop a tool that could facilitate online sales for a large inventory cycling company.

Web Design & Development

Serfas needed a website that could sell their products to both regular consumers as well as their business partners and dealers. I designed and developed their website in a manner that would allow it to act as a platform for hosting a large and technologically advanced e-commerce extension. This included developing an import/export feature that would facilitate site management and allow the company to update their inventory on a regular basis.


I created a custom ecommerce platform that had two user logins, one for dealers and one for regular consumers. This way, normal customers could easily buy the replacement parts they needed and dealers would have access to advanced features such as warehouse locations and dealer only prices. The dealer login also allowed for automatic location rerouting based on product availability.


The new website provided a more user friendly experience for Serfas consumers and dealers and led to an eventual increase in profits and overall growth for the company.