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To provide graphic design and consulting services for a successful NFL athlete.

Calvin needed a way to market his business online as well and needed to be able to reach a wide audience. I designed and developed a website that showcased his career as an athlete. The site included stats on his performance,  various videos and photographs from sporting events, and an advanced blogging system. The blogging system was setup to automatically integrate articles on the web that featured his work as a player.

Brand Identity &
Web Development

I met with Calvin’s agent to learn more about his design and branding needs. This meeting was followed by several discovery sessions through which I was able to gather insights and information that I used in conjunction with my own research to create the brand identity for his company. After an extensive amount of work, I was able to generate a set of brand standards and graphics that could be used for Calvin’s current business needs as well as future sales and events.

Sports Design

Once Calvin’s logo was finalized and the branding elements were in place, I began working on designs for his sports merchandise. I created ten different variations of t-shirt designs that could be used for manufacturing the merchandise that would be sold at Calvin’s promotional events.


I was able to provide Calvin with a comprehensive brand identity and digital presence that he could continue to use for years to drive the growth of his career and business.