At Creatitive, we see branding as a holistic process. If you’ve read previous blogs, you may know that for us: “brands are more than logos.” As a B2B and B2C agency, we love to deliver great customer experiences. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped a decent number of brands, including the Phoenix Suns, Crunch Fitness, and Smartfilm, connect with consumers. It’s worth saying that we always walk clients through the steps of our BrandBuild® process smoothly so they truly understand what it takes to build a brand.

Simply put, our BrandBuild process comprises four phases:

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity

Read on to understand what each of these stages involves.

Stage 1: Brand Discovery

Brand discovery is a pivotal stage in the brand planning process. This process involves our strategists digging deeper into your existing brand. What’s your business’ north star? What are your goals? What does your brand stand for? What’s your brand purpose?

Not sure what to answer? Don’t fret. We’ve developed a free brand questionnaire so you can kick things off by setting out short and long-term goals. It’s all about knowing yourself as a business owner and being able to identify what sets you apart.

For newcomers, a brand’s discovery itself allows shaping their brands’ future by developing a unique brand strategy that cohesively integrates all the elements of a brand. We draw on scholars’ research to strengthen your brand. For instance, we use The Brand Identity Matrix to ensure your brand makes sense at all levels, from its identity to its voice and vision.

Six Milestones to Reach in the Brand Discovery Stage

  1. Understanding Your Pain Points: This process also uncovers pain points that you, as a business owner, may have. This translates into finding out what´s holding you back from business success or sustainable growth.
  2. Crafting Brand Vision and Purpose: Brand discovery aids in defining the brand vision and purpose, providing clarity on the company’s long-term goals. This also helps in aligning the brand team on the same page, ensuring cohesive marketing efforts.
  3. Building Brand Positioning: This phase helps to develop a clear brand positioning statement that outlines how the brand differentiates itself from competitors. It enables businesses to understand their market share and how to expand it.
  4. Creating a Brand Strategy: Brand discovery is instrumental in the brand strategy process. It helps in formulating a brand plan that aligns with the business strategy, allowing the brand to meet its target market effectively. Understanding the brand strategy helps in developing marketing strategies and brand plans.
  5. Unlocking Brand Promise and Value Proposition: The brand promise and value proposition, which highlight what customers can expect from the brand and its unique offerings, are often defined in the discovery phase.
  6. Brand Name Strategy: Brand strategists and business owners work together to come up with a brand name that truly represents your core values, what you stand for and your value proposition.

With all these elements combined, the brand discovery process is a pivotal moment in the journey of a business owner. Yet, creating a brand that resonates with consumers, all these steps set your business up for success and sustainable growth. Not only does it provide a roadmap for the brand’s future, but it also ensures that the brand maintains the right balance between staying true to its roots and evolving with the market dynamics.

Our Approach

As said before, our first step is to dive deep into your existing brand. We’ll start with a personal consultation, a conversation where we try to understand what makes your business unique. It’s a step in our brand strategy process where we discover your brand’s vision and purpose, as well as understand your long-term goals. This also allows our team to gauge if your brand would benefit from further brand discovery sessions or if additional marketing consulting is needed.

Setting Goals and Planning

The cornerstone of the planning process is setting clear and achievable goals. Our subsequent sessions are centered on understanding your brand’s promise and the brand’s future direction. This detailed information helps us craft effective marketing strategies and create a strategic branding plan that enables your brand to resonate with your target audience and become one of these beloved brands you’ve always craved for.

Competitive Analysis: SEO & PPC

In the ever-evolving business world, understanding your competitors is unnegotiable. We conduct a thorough SEO and PPC competitor analysis. Our brand team grasps how they use relevant-keyword content and what their positions are in market share. Then, we develop a comprehensive report of your brand strengths —or weaknesses— versus competitors. This analysis guides your brand positioning statement and aids in developing a unique brand strategy.

Sitemap Generation: Your Digital Blueprint

Building on the insights gathered, we create a sitemap for your website. This acts as a visual identity of your digital presence and is critical in the brand strategy process. It serves as a one-page summary, helping everyone stay on the same page. We review the sitemap with you, making changes as needed to ensure it aligns with your vision and mission statement.

Ongoing Brand Discovery: Expanding Your Brand’s Story

Brand discovery is an ongoing process. As we build your website and evolve your digital brand identity, we continually revisit and reassess our strategies. This includes additional sessions focused on layout, design, and wireframing, always striving to align with your brand voice and value proposition.

Delivering Your Brand Promise

In our final step, we focus on developing your brand assets and cementing your brand positioning. We create a brand strategy template, taking into account all the tools we’ve employed throughout the process, ensuring the right balance between your brand story and the emotional benefits it provides to consumers. Your brand promise is not just stated but is experienced through every touchpoint of your business strategy.

Adapting To The Market

As part of the branding strategy, we continue to monitor the performance and relevance of your brand in the marketplace, adjusting our strategies as necessary to ensure your brand remains a beloved brand to your customers. With our expertise, your brand will achieve a prominent position in the market and continue to resonate with your target audience.

By working closely with brand managers and using real-life examples and case studies, we ensure that your brand plan serves your brand’s voice and your marketing efforts optimally. So whether you’re a car brand or any other business, our process aims to build your brand for an entire year and beyond.

Stage 2: Brand Development

Brand development is a multi-faceted process that begins with a strategic brand planning process. This involves market research, understanding competition, and crafting a clear vision and promise, which together form the brand’s unique identity. The brand vision outlines long-term goals, while the brand promise conveys the value consumers can expect from the brand, shaping its personality and voice.

The next step is to develop a powerful brand strategy, including a compelling positioning statement that articulates the brand’s unique selling proposition. Consistency in this strategy across marketing efforts and communication channels is paramount, working closely with the brand team to align all aspects with the overall business strategy.

The ultimate goal is to construct a brand that resonates with consumers, fosters trust, and successfully stands out in the market while maintaining consistency to bolster market position and achieve business goals.

Our Approach

Our role as a creative agency is not just to understand your business but to bring it to life. With this in mind, we know that creating a brand, a brand logo, and building a brand identity is crucial for sustainable growth. It’s more than just arranging a few images or selecting a color that aligns with your company’s personality. We make sure that colors blend, logos are consistent, and your brand exudes an air of reliability that appeals to your target audience.

We stand apart from other creative and branding agencies. We don’t just work on your brand, we work with you. We consider your existing brand logo and other digital products to create a brand identity that is both innovative and relatable. As a leading branding company, Creatitive is committed to providing a brand identity that is unique yet appealing to consumers.

As a branding agency, Creatitive aids its clients in maintaining consistency across all platforms, from the top visual aspects of their brand identity to the language used in communication. Our top designers collaborate with clients to create unique brand guidelines and other tools to ensure long-term success with a balance of uniqueness and consistency.

Moreover, Creatitive offers a range of services as a branding and digital marketing agency. Our dynamic team of professionals offers winning solutions to build your brand identity from scratch. We provide comprehensive brand strategy and full-service branding, including:

  1. Brand Strategy: We collaborate with you to craft your brand message at its core and create an image that aligns with your values and mission. We assist you in discovering the language and visual style that best represents you.
  2. Full-Service Branding: We design materials and graphic designs that are easy to replicate in marketing collaterals, websites, and products. We assist you in finding your brand’s unique visual identity, ensuring it carries your brand message effectively.
  3. Brand Identity Design: Our logo design experts provide personalized designs based on your preferences rather than what your competitors use. We focus on the layouts, fonts, and colors that resonate with your brand.
  4. Ongoing Support: Working with an experienced brand firm like Creatitive includes ongoing support to ensure everything works as desired. We are just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

Branding requires consistency. Let us help you create a uniform look that conveys your brand’s story across both digital and print media. Our team will collaborate with you to bring your unique vision to life.

Stage 3: Brand Identity

More than a visual asset, your brand identity is what people think and say about your brand. At Creatitive, we know a logo is key, but it’s just a brick of your overall brand identity. What else is involved?

Great brands are recognized by their visual identity, brand voice, messaging, personality, and brand style.

At Creatitive, we enhance your brand’s identity with Our Tailor-Made Logo Design Solutions and brand strategy tools.

Our Approach

Every business has a unique story and brand identity that sets it apart. Reflecting this uniqueness in your logo can be a powerful way to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. With our personalized logo design services, we’ll partner with you to develop a logo that not only resonates with your target audience but also aligns authentically with your business and brand identity.

Customized Color Palettes

Your brand colors should capture the essence of your brand and hold the attention of your customers. Whether you have existing brand colors or need to create a palette from scratch, we’re here to help you find the perfect hues for your logo.

Innovative Logo Design Concepts

Our approach to logo design extends beyond drawing inspiration from competitors. Instead, we focus on creating unique logo designs that reflect your brand’s personality while staying relevant to your industry. You’ll receive several logo drafts and variations of the finalized design, ensuring your logo is unique and memorable.

Tailored Service

We understand the importance of the brand planning process in shaping the brand’s future. As such, we’re committed to providing services that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs and align with your brand plan.

Reasons to Work with Creatitive

  1. Our multidisciplinary team is extremely familiar with the brand planning process. You’ll have a dedicated professional working with you from start to finish, providing the expertise and quality your brand deserves.
  2. At Creatitive, we offer the right balance between expertise and affordability. By choosing us, you’ll get distinctive logo design concepts that not only stand as works of art but also elevate your brand positioning in the market.
  3. Our BrandBuild process helps to create a strong brand identity, reflecting your brand promise and value proposition effectively. A well-defined brand strategy will guide your marketing efforts, ensuring that your brand voice and mission statement remains consistent across all channels. This consistency is vital to building your brand’s strength and establishing its place in the marketplace.
  4. Creatitive offers brand identity services to provide you with all the tools needed to achieve steady, sustainable growth. We are dedicated to helping you create a brand that resonates with your customers, aids your marketing strategy, and enhances your overall business strategy.

By working with us, you’ll not only develop a unique visual identity but also pave the way for the emotional benefits that come with having a beloved brand. So let’s build your brand’s future together, starting today.

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