Social Media for Fitness: Tactics that Increase Membership Sales

Turn social media fans into loyal customers with Creatitive’s strategic, social media marketing for gyms and fitness studios. Learn more about our social media and other digital marketing services.

Leverage Your Fan Base with Social Media

Learn How SMM and Gyms Go Hand in Hand.

Social Media Marketing for Gyms that Turn Fans into Memberships

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be your gym’s greatest muscles. Train them and leverage their strength to your success!

As a gym owner, you rely on new clients walking through the doors and signing up. While a well-tailored digital marketing campaign can help you reach new clients, it’s not always enough. If you don’t have an active presence online on social media— if you’re not on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook— you’re missing out on hundreds of prospective clients every day that other brands engage with.

Social media marketing (SMM) for gyms and fitness studios can make all the difference in how quickly your brand grows. Releasing engaging social media content has become one of the most effective new ways of inviting more members into your business!

Use your social media platform to build your brand, strengthen your community and reach more potential customers!

Grow Your Business Online with SMM for Gyms

More people use the internet to find businesses and get recommendations than almost any other platform. And some spend upwards of two hours a day scrolling through their news feeds.

If you don’t have an active online presence and engaging social media content or posts, you’re missing out on the best way to attract new clients and retain the ones you have. Targeted advertisements are a great way to bring in new business. Shared social media posts reach people you otherwise may never have known were interested in your brand.

With the best social media strategy for fitness, you can sell more memberships than ever before.

Training Your Social Media Muscle

While your helping your members train their bodies, Creatitive will help you train and build your social media muscles through three steps!

Improve: Following and engagement matter most in social media and Creatitive will help you achieve both by establishing your target audience through fan profiles. We’ll help you understand their needs and how you can approach each of the different needs of your people!

Develop: We’ll take things up a notch by developing a social media marketing strategy that ensures you a high ROI. Using the data we’ve gathered from your target market, we’ll create a game plan that answers the needs of your audience and your brand.

Create: High-quality content is one of the keys to a successful social media fitness marketing campaign. Creatitive we’ll help you develop and create content that will establish your institution as a key player in the game!

Gym Social Media Marketing Packages

We’ll make sure your gym can take full advantage of everything that fitness social media have to offer, from your Instagram, down to your Facebook business account. We do the legwork and embody your brand’s voice, mission, and goals. Our SMM packages for gyms work at all levels of proficiency.

  • Leverage: Our Leverage option maximizes your existing followers and increases engagement through regular posts and targeted ads. If you’ve got an active following, we’ll help you grow it steadily.
  • Grow: When you choose our Grow package, we’ll actively work to grow your followers and increase your post engagement. For gyms looking to make a huge impact with their social media accounts, the Grow package is the perfect place to start.
  • Leverage and Grow: Reach your current supporters and develop a steady stream of new followers with our Leverage and Grow package. You’ll have access to custom graphics for higher quality targeted posts, ongoing support for ads, and campaigns designed for success.

Make Gains with the Right Gym SMM Strategy

You got into this industry because you’re passionate about fitness. Let our SMM team for gyms and fitness studios and trainers help share your message to the world by showcasing everything your gym has to offer online. Having an active online presence is a great way to reach new people and spread your message of health and fitness quickly.

Maximize your power through Creatitive

The health and fitness industry is on a consistently upward trend. You can take advantage of this by gaining a lot of traction on social media platforms. Now’s the time to boost your online promotions and engage in SMM for gyms and fitness centers. Your expertly-crafted SMM campaign and quality content will engage your target audience, attract potential clients, promote trust and brand building, and boost your SEO efforts.

Gym Social Media Case Studies

Proven results on and off the field.

Let us do the legwork on your social media marketing while you focus on your business and in helping your clients achieve their fitness goals

and is here to help with all of your gyms (SMM) needs. Give us a call, request a free quote today and let us show you how easy it is to streamline your gym social media strategy.

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