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Boost the marketing for your CrossFit training services and gym amenities by working with Creatitive. We offer SEO services for fitness websites and shops.

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If You’re Not Doing Online Marketing YET, You’re Missing Out

The world of marketing has slowly but surely shifted to the online sphere in the last decade. While traditional marketing methods like TV commercials, radio ads, and print ads still offer some value, they are no longer the most cost-effective method of promoting local businesses. It’s now easier and cheaper to invest in digital marketing for gyms, fitness studios, and personal training services.

With the right strategy and a capable team, digital marketing can bring more clients and drive sales for your business.

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the core of our digital marketing services for the fitness industry. SEO is about making your website rank on Google and other major search engines. About 97% of search engine users go online to look for specific products or services nearby, and 75% of them only look at the results on Page 1.

These statistics tell us two important things. First, consumers, including people looking for gyms and personal trainers, go online to look for prospects. Second, most of them no longer consider the gyms and studios that rank low on the SERPs.

Through digital marketing, your gym or fitness studio can make its way up the search engine results pages. You can land on Page 1, attract more leads, and gain new customers.

We Offer Complete Digital Marketing Services

Creatitive is a one-stop, digital marketing agency for gym owners and personal trainers. We offer SEO for fitness websites: organic, online marketing campaigns that will give your website a solid foundation for long-term marketing.

We also explore new methods, like influencer marketing for fitness centers. Influenced by the popularity of social media, influencer marketing builds a partnership between your business and highly-admired individuals with hundreds, if not thousands, of followers.

We continue, however, to utilize tried-and-tested marketing strategies like Content Marketing. This is a blogging service that produces high-quality fitness blogs. We can publish these blogs on your own website or on other sites with large readerships, i.e., fitness magazines and famous wellness blogs.

Rounding out our digital marketing services are Paid Search Management or PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development, and Graphic Design.

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