Client Type Description Result

Athletic E-Commerce
B2B & B2C

By developing a user friendly e-commerce platform, the client was able to improve
efficiency for orders and 10x sales months after going live and 30x profits by year 3


Athletic Paid
Management B2B

Increase of phone calls, impressions and conversions by 150% month over month while
doubling conversion rate by 90% pushing client well over the multi-million dollar amount gross


Enterprise Organic
Management B2B

Increasing organic impressions month over month while building brand awareness
we have successfully double close rate for b2b clients with 100k plus order sizes


Sports Organic
Management B2B

We have successfully doubled traffic and brand awareness month over month
This has allowed our client to successfully 2x their sales closing rate


Local Paid & Organic
Management B2C

Successfully 5x business year over year through improving conversion rates
and digital paid/organic traffic, allowing client to expand at a rapid rate


Local Athletic
Organic B2C

We have successfully grown organic impressions, calls and traffic by 5x
allowing the client to expand to multiple locations and growth opportunities


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