Athlete Branding

How does your personal brand measure up?

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Your performance on the field speaks for itself. But who’s telling the rest of the story?

Defining your brand as an athlete gives you power over your own career, opening up profitable opportunities as an athlete and beyond.


A strategic online presence is the key to raising engagement with fans and the media. Whether you’re mid-career or planning out your next step, I’ll help you craft a personal brand that will support you in all of your future ventures.

1) We’ll start with a consultation

Your sports career is unique, and so are your needs as a public figure. We’ll start with the big picture. What are your immediate goals? What do you want your life to look like in your post-playing career?


You don’t need to know all the answers right now. Wherever you are in your career, I’ll work with you to figure out the details of your next step, and we’ll begin laying the groundwork together.

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2) I’ll do the research

With your goals clearly defined, I’ll start the research process. Who are your competitors, and what are others in your space doing? Who are your fans and potential customers, and what will appeal to them?


This knowledge gathering process ensures that every step we take together is informed and effective.

Who is your competition?

Do you need content marketing?

Will you need search engine optimization?

Will you need lead funnels?

3) We’ll make a plan

Now, what are the specific plays that will bring about the end goal? For example, you might think you need a website—but is it focused on fan engagement, e-commerce, or lead generation? If you’re starting a business or non-profit, how will it operate?


I’ve worked with a wide variety of sports-related businesses, and I’ll help you craft a detailed business or athlete brand strategy that supports your goals.

Will we create you a brand?

Would a sales funnel bring you business?

Will you be selling products or services?

4) Once you approve, I’ll get to work

I’ll keep you involved with every step of the design and creation process. Depending on your needs, I may call upon my network of SEO strategists, copywriters, and designers to ensure your project is being handled by experts at all times.


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It’s time to make a plan that works. Take the next step in increasing your business revenue by reaching out below.