4 Yoga Clothing Brands Worth Following on Social Media

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4 Yoga Clothing Brands Worth Following on Social Media

The world of sports clothing and athletic wear is always changing. And with social media dominating the digital marketing world, you need to keep your brand relevant and trending to have lasting impact. And what’s the best way to do it? Follow and analyze the top yoga clothing brands to see how they’re reaching new levels of success. Here are the top four brands you need to check out.

  1. Lululemon

Lululemon has long been one of the most popular yoga clothing brands out there. And for good reason. Their yoga clothes last, are comfortable, and look nice enough to wear outside of the studio. Their social media accounts focus on sharing the stories of real people who use their products. This helps them connect with other users and shows that they appreciate every person who supports their brand.

  1. Prana

Prana takes a different approach. They use their accounts to share news about their clothing lines, but they focus on spreading positivity and building users up. Their Instagram account has more than 200k followers and most posts and stories focus on sharing messages of positivity and encouragement. They believe that yoga is for everyone and it shows. This makes the brand relatable to most and they’re not afraid to show off the full range of sizes.

  1. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is rapidly growing in popularity among the leading yoga clothing lifestyle brands. And their focus is on producing quality products, but their social media accounts shift the focus from yoga clothing and practices to humor. They share memes, jokes, and interact with their followers across multiple platforms. If users have questions, they get answers in comments quickly.

  1. Athleta

It’s no surprise that most yoga clothes are marketed to women and Athleta uses this to their advantage in their social media accounts. They actively promote a community feel with their audience, showing real women doing real activities in their Athleta wear. Their Instagram account has more than 500 followers and their Facebook page is full of posts from customers sharing their experiences. They’ve mastered the art of turning a photo into a conversation-starter.

So, how can you follow in the footsteps of these great yoga clothing brands? See how their strategy matches your company’s goals and your brand message. You’ll have more in common with them than you think. Once you have a feel for your company’s goals, you’ll be able to start using social media to interact with your customers directly. Approach is as a conversation rather than a sales pitch and you’ll see an improvement in engagement and rankings.

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