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To provide design and consulting services that facilitate the growth of a unique and up-and-coming company catering to the high school sports industry.

Web Design & Development

In addition to redesigning the company’s graphics and brand, I also rebuilt and redesigned their website to have a more contemporary look and feel and integrated new systems that would facilitate live video streaming. The new website would allow the company to publish the high school sports games that interns were recording online so that families could watch the games at home in real time.

Brand Identity

When I first began my work as a partner for Friday Night Glory, I became aware that the company was in need of a design and brand overhaul. The company logo, social graphics, and print collateral needed to be resigned to convey a more professional and accurate representation of the company. I recreated the logo and brand using design attributes that could market the company’s services more effectively and would appeal to the sports industry.


By developing these solutions, I was able to help Friday Night Glory increase their audience reach and engagement. Daily site views from an average of 500 page views daily to the 5,000-10,000 range.