What Are SEO Keywords How Can They Improve Your Google Rankings
What are Keywords?

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, you may not be familiar with the term “keywords”. However, this is an incredibly important topic and one that every website owner should be equipped with basic knowledge of. Using keywords correctly can be very beneficial for your website and ultimately help your business grow and become more successful.

SEO & Keywords: The Basics

In a nutshell, keywords are, essentially, the topics and concepts that define your content. For example, if you own a website for your dry cleaning business, most of the keywords on your site are going to be related to topics and concepts on dry cleaning. Some examples of keywords for your dry cleaning website could be dry cleaning services, same day dry cleaning, laundry service, dry cleaning price list, etc. Keywords can be exact or broad and can also be single words or long phrases (long tail keywords). They can also be related to a specific location.

What Are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are also important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They help search engines identify what your post, profile, or website is about and help the people who need the products, services, or information you offer get to your page.

Think about it this way. People use search engines to find something very specific. When someone goes online to Google, they enter in a term or a question. Then, Google pulls up a list of websites that each have content containing keywords related to that search term.

Let’s relate this back to our example of the dry cleaning business. If someone lives in Phoenix and they need a dry cleaner, they’re going to go onto Google and type in “dry cleaning in Phoenix” or something similar to that effect. Then, Google will pull up a list of websites that contain information, videos, blogs, and other types of content that relate to dry cleaning in Phoenix.

How Keywords Affect Google Rankings

To understand how keywords affect Google rankings, you must first know some basic information about how Google works. Google wants to be the best search engine out there. In order to accomplish this, Google must be the very best at providing people what they’re looking for. For this reason, Google lists websites in a certain order to give Google users the best experience possible.

One of the factors that affects the order or ranking for Google listings is called “relevancy”. The websites that have the most relevant content for a particular search term or keyword rank at the top of the list, while websites with less relevant content rank at the end of the search results. Most people will not click on websites past the first 3 pages of Google search results. For this reason, the goal of keywords in SEO is to get your website to rank at the top of the list for search terms related to your business.

This means that you have to create keyword rich content that in order to help your website rank well. For this, you may want to consider working with a digital marketing agency. A digital agency will have tools and a team of people (including bloggers, copywriters, SEO experts, and web developers) that can help you add keyword rich content to your website and improve your Google rankings. There are many ways to accomplish this, but a digital agency will be able to determine the right strategies depending on your business market and situation, and take a majority of the work off your hands.


Keywords are a vital part of SEO. Adding keyword rich content to your website can help it rank better on Google search results and increase traffic, eventually leading to a dramatic increase in leads and conversions. A digital agency can help you determine the best strategy for adding the right content to your website.

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