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For sportswear brands, marketing trends are always changing. Though it sounds daunting, it’s more of an opportunity to keep your brand fresh and relevant with your customers. Make 2020 your year by staying on top of these trends.  

1. Sophisticated Logos

Sports brand logos say a lot about a company and its personality and the more professional it looks, the better. Gone are the days where cute and cartoony sports brand logos dominated the market. Now, people seem to prefer sleek and modern designs. Think about what your brand stands for and turn to your competitors’ sport brands logos for inspiration. See what works and use those ideas to create a unique logo.

2. Clear Brand Missions and Goals

Customers like to feel that they know the sportswear and brands they’re buying. This means you need to understand your company’s missions and goals before you can start creating a marketing strategy. Take a look at your current mission statement and clarify it if needed. The most successful brands have a clear sportswear branding strategy that allows them to convey their values to their customers quickly and succinctly.

3. Optimized Websites

Most shoppers turn to the internet to research sportswear brands before they ever make a purchase. The more accessible your website is, the better. Optimize your site for search engines and create a mobile-responsive design to make it accessible to customers using cell phones and tablets.

4. Active Social Media Accounts

The best sportswear brands are starting to realize that social media is the best way to reach out to and engage with customers. You’re able to field questions, look at reviews, and see how products stand up to daily use in almost real-time. Instagram is leading the charge in visual promotions for sportswear brands while its sister platform, Facebook, gives customers a place to share their experiences and catch up on news. Use it to your advantage.

5. Stellar and Accessible Customer Service

Customer services and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of the most successful sportswear brands. Newer brands are starting to catch on. In 2020, make it your goal to provide customers with the best customer service possible. Use chat programs on your website. Respond to inquiries and emails quickly and make use of Facebook. Facebook allows you to interact with your customers quickly and makes it easy to answer their questions or deal with concerns without forcing you to invest in additional software.

6. Partnerships with Influencers

We talk a lot about social media influencers and for a good reason: it’s the best way to get sportswear brands out in front of a larger audience. New brands and sportswear companies who have been around the block should look for athletes and people with large social media audiences who can benefit from your products. When they use their products, they share their experience with their fans, thereby expanding your reach.

7. Creative and Professional Product Photography

People want to see different brands and sportswear pieces in action. This means you can’t just rely on the standard product photos to show off your company’s wares. You need to get creative. Use people to model your pieces and show your sportswear getting used. The best sportswear brands combine these photos with photos of the products themselves to highlight the features and colors.

8. Diverse Models

Sportswear brands are starting to understand that more people use their products than they initially thought. The best brands showcase that diversity in their models. Instead of using the same body type and skin color throughout your shots, hire models who reflect real people. Remember, customers like to see themselves represented by a brand.

9. Sustainability Initiatives

The environment has become a hot-button issue and more customers are actively looking for brands who support sustainability initiatives. Get started in 2020 if you’re not already participating. Consider donating a portion of your sales during a specific promotion to an environmental cause. Look for suppliers and materials that are made without impacting the environment.

10. Consistency

The most important thing you need to do for your 2020 sportswear branding strategy is be consistent. Use the same logo design across all platforms. Make sure you’re posting new content regularly and reply to customer questions quickly. Consistency will help you build a reputation with your customers and that reputation will survive the test of time.

Still Not Sure Where to Start?

Sportswear brands can find it tough to stand out from the crowd. These tips will help you get started on the right track when the new year rolls around. To get the most out of the new year’s marketing strategy, don’t go it alone. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let our experienced team help. We’ll help you with everything from paid ad campaigns to full website redesigns that will make your site stand out and attract new customers with ease.

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