What The Top Health Websites Have in Common

top health websites

What The Top Health Websites Have in Common

Over the years, the world saw everyone put health and wellness in great focus. More and more people have flocked gyms, yoga studios and other fitness centers. And on the other side of things, today’s younger generation have highlighted the importance of maintaining good mental health. Ultimately, it seems like everyone’s goal is to live a much healthier life.  And because of the amount of demand, the climate of the industry changed. A surge of health-focused social media accounts and websites happened. Soon enough, users had an expanding library full of tips, tricks and savvy ways of making healthy lifestyle fun and easy — so much so that becoming fit is now more confusing than ever.   

To say that the market is saturated is an understatement. If your business is hoping to start its own health and wellness website, then it’s best that you prep it for battle. Luckily, Creatitive has taken the initiative to list down some of the top health websites in the USA!

Learn what they all have in common and see if there’s a formula in developing the top health information websites of today.

Greatest Health Resources

To get your company’s health and wellness blog started in the right path, Creatitive chose five of today’s greatest health resources to study what makes them great. Surprisingly, they actually have one thing in common which we’ll discuss later. 

The Real Food Dietitians 

Welcoming users with the tagline of “eat well, live well, be well”, The Real Food Dietitians earned its spot by curating health filling recipes for every day meals. What makes them different is that each of their meal plans are created by two registered dietitians, ensuring that visitors can easily learn all that they need to learn on nutrition. 

The site also includes a wide variety of options such as gluten-free recipes, vegan meals, Paleo diets, dairy-free, and nut-free eaters. The Real Food Dietitians basically offer meal plans for everyone, making them a great go-to for newbies that are just starting out on their wellness journey. 


The motivational tool and app MyFitnessPal has over 140 million subscribers — and it’s not really hard to understand why. Aside from allowing users to log their exercise routines, food and water intake, they also offer great advice on energy intake and expenditure as well as the importance of serving sizes! 

Each time a user logs their breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, MyFitnessPal provides them with helpful tidbits of information. It’s quite an inspiring companion in reaching one’s personal goal!


The site Livestrong has become the go-to of fitness fanatics suffering from sports-related injury. Why? Well it features a chock full of information on different health topics such as incorporating healthy living in daily routines, shopping health foods as well as meal planning. 

Aside from these food swaps and supplements, the website also offers quick full-body workouts and guides on doing different types of exercise routines! Livestrong will help you perform great sets in no time. 


Healthline’s overall goal is to help people reconnect with their well-being through simple yet expert-guided information on mental and physical health. What makes the website great is that it provides various forms of content that keeps users well informed and able to make great wellness decisions. 

Aside from the normal content, the site also features an app and a podcast created by a team of doctors, nurses, as well as public health experts. Healthline guarantees visitors that they’re getting the most accurate and evidence-based information around health and wellness. 


A firm believer in the idea that food is medicine, Avocadu won its place by combining a quality over quantity approach in educating people about nutrition. 

The side features blog posts around weight loss recipes, yoga routines, and 21-day fitness challenges. Its team hopes to educate people that there’s no specific diet that fits everyone. 

Common Denominator

At a quick glance, it seems like the five top health websites mentioned above don’t really have much in common aside from being health sites. But if you study them carefully, they share one thing in common; high quality content

Granted, each site is created for the purpose of disseminating content around health and wellness. Ultimately, they’ll invest in creating accurate content because it’s what their consumers demand from them — and because it’s what they need to rank higher. 

If you’re a business owner in today’s modern times, you’ve probably heard of this before; content is king. Aside from a user friendly web site, Google favors those with great content and if you want your SEO campaign to be successful, you need to learn to value content. 

It’s the secret ingredient of most successful digital marketing campaigns. Not only does content marketing increase your site’s SEO ranking, it also allures more potential customers in. If you want to be among the higher ranking health sites, you better start working on your content marketing strategies!

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