Top 10 Fitness & Gym Apparel Brands

Top 10 Fitness & Gym Apparel Brands

Why these are the 10 best gym apparel brands

No matter what type of exercise people engage in, they always need the right gear to do it safely and comfortably. Many top clothing brands have taken notice of this fact and started producing quality workout clothes geared for people of all ages and all levels of athletic ability. But the best gym apparel brands stand out from the competition. Here are a few of the top brands worth following and what they’re doing that make them stand out from the rest.



1. Nike

Nike has been a leading athletic apparel company for decades. Though most of their line focuses on shoes, they’ve expanded their horizons by offering clothing that’s casual, comfortable, and affordable. No, it may not be the most durable of the men’s fitness apparel brands out there, but it’s definitely the most visible.

2. Under Armour

Under Armour is constantly giving Nike a run for its money. Their designs are more subdued and the brand offers apparel geared more for the serious athlete than the casual gym goer. While their advertising campaigns are often less visible than the bigger brands, their sponsorships make up the difference. They sponsor both amateur and professional athletes who use their gear almost daily.

Their sheer variety and willingness to listen to their consumers makes them one of the best gym apparel brands on the market. And they inspire a lot of loyalty because consumers feel valued by the brand.

3. No Bull

No Bull has been making serious waves among the crossfit and Olympic lifting crowd for a while now. They started with high-quality lifting shoes. But recently, they’ve started competing with other gym apparel brands by offering a full line of clothing. They appeal to the latest minimalism trend in their designs.

They’ve recently started sponsoring professional athletes. People like Alex Anderson, a CrossFIt Games competitor, and Will Grier, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, are just two of their partners.

4. Lululemon

Sure, you’re probably thinking this brand is all about yoga. But it’s not. Lululemon produces a line of high-quality men’s fitness apparel meant for yoga, running, and hitting the gym. They’re heavy on the influencer game and rely on social media to increase brand awareness. But there’s no denying that it works and their popularity and quality products make them one of the best men’s fitness apparel brands out there.

5. Adidas

Adidas wins for some of the best looking apparel. Their lines feature bright colors and unique designs that stand out from others on the market. As one of the top gym apparel brands, they have an aggressive marketing campaign that uses everything from internet ads and television commercials to athlete sponsorships and social media influencers. With so much visibility, it’s natural for the brand to dominate in just about every sport.

6. Asics

Asics may be a paragon of high fashion, but they’re also one of the best men’s fitness apparel brands. Their line is affordable and functional which allows them to market to a wider demographic. It’s not designed for gym users who want to look their best at all times. Instead, their line is meant to be functional, durable, and not break the bank.

Further, they target their products to different sports often neglected by the other big players. They target volleyball, triathlons, tennis, wrestling, and track and field in addition to general fitness. You may not see ads for them on television, but their presence within the world of sports is undeniable.

7. Reebok

Reebok has been around for decades and while they’re not the trendiest gym apparel brand, they are one of the most innovative. Their clothing is designed to last and the company sponsors many athletes across dozens of different sports. They’re constantly innovating and their advertisements rival Nike in print visibility.

8. New Balance

Best known for their shoes, New Balance has shifted from just an athletic company to one trending in athleisure fashion. They partner with other brands, most notably J.Crew to create unique looks for both men and women.

9. Wolaco

Wolaco specializes in compression shorts and pants. Their designs put function first and feature secure pockets for keys, wallets, cell phones, and anything else you need to carry. They cornered the market for men looking for a way to take everything they need with them on outdoor runs or trips to the gym without relying on bulky wallets.

10. Fourlaps

Fourlaps caters to people looking for athletic wear that works just as well on the street as it does in the gym. Their shorts look nice enough to wear to casual events and feature pockets large enough for even the biggest iPhone.

The Best Gym Apparel Brands Focus on the Consumer

Each of the top men’s fitness apparel brands has one thing in common: they focus on the people using their products rather than sticking to a design that’s trendy or fashion-forward. This is something they all carry over into their marketing campaigns and websites. But they all do it in unique ways that stay true to their brand values and personalities.

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