Three Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly

Three Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly

In today’s world, having a website for your business is essential. Almost immediately, when someone receives your business card, sees a flyer you put out, or is referred to your company, the first thing they are going to do is look up your website to make sure your business is real and see what you have to offer.

However, just as important to having a website, is maintaining it. Why? Updating your website regularly is crucial for its performance. Many people think that a website is a done-and-over deal, but it’s not. In order for you to get the most out of your website, and the financial investment you’ve made, you have to look after it and update it periodically.

Why Is It Important to Update Your Website?

Updating a website doesn’t have to be an extensive or arduous process. However, it should be done. Even making small changes to a website can be hugely beneficial. Additionally, making little adjustments over a long period of time is much easier and more manageable than waiting a year and having to spend days taking care of your long-neglected site.

While there are many reasons to maintain a website, here are the three that we feel are the most important:

User experience – A website without a positive user experience can actually be more harmful than it is beneficial. If your website loads slowly, looks outdated, or is hard to use, you’re going to give off the wrong impression and your profits will suffer. Keeping your website up to date with technology and relevant information is important for providing a positive user experience.

Search engine optimization – How often you update your website can also affect your search engine rankings. Google doesn’t want to steer its users to websites that are outdated and useless. You need to update your website with fresh content, graphics, and information to keep it performing well on search engine rankings.

Site security – You know that installing updates on your phone and your computer is important for security. A website is no different. Installing security patches is important for keeping your site protected from hackers and for fixing issues with bugs or glitches in the software.

No matter how you choose to go about it, whether you decide you want to handle site maintenance on your own or you enlist the help of a professional, updating your site is important. Generally, we recommend the second route because it ensures that all bases are covered, but it’s up to you. However, you may find it useful to know that the cost to update a website is much more affordable than the expense to fix a broken site or rebuild a website completely.

If you take the time to show your website some love, it will love you back. Your search engine rankings will be better and so will your conversion rates and you’ll be glad that you took the time to get it done.

Let Us Help Keep Your Site Updated

Don’t have the time to update your website? Let the experts at Creatitive take care of it for you. We’ll help keep your website up to date with new content and free of errors. Call us today to get an estimate on our services or schedule your free consultation.


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