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Despite the several modern strategies in raising funding for causes and non-profit organizations, the concept of a fundraiser remains to be a strategy used by brands and especially sports teams. It’s a long-established tactic in promoting social responsibility and strengthening community relationships. Though platforms like GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Crowdfunding have mobilized the act, nothing compares to the experience of gathering communities in events that create significant impact.

Even well-known professional sports teams in sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL consistently participate in major charity events for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness as well as research for other incurable diseases. Most teams sees this as their chance to give back to their major supporters and the community who have helped them reach their goals. In addition to this, it’s also a great platform for promoting their brand’s values and beliefs. Teams with motivated fans are able to create a passionate following of advocates, more than willing to extend a hand — it’s one of the great reasons why most nonprofit organizations love collaborating with sports teams or leagues.

Overall, charity programs provides both tangible and intangible benefits to its recipients and donors. Not only will your team be promoting great causes, it also allows you to promote a side of your athletes often left unseen during games.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your team’s first ever fundraiser this year but have no idea where to start, we’re here to help!

Before dipping your toes into the deep sea of ideas for creative charity events, it’s important that you pick your cause or organization first. Conducting research on all charities in your locality is a great way to start but you can also try coming up with your own cause. For example, youth sports teams can focus on raising funding to improve their local gymnasium by offering classes to younger kids! When it comes to picking a nonprofit organization as your donor, there are certain things you need to take into consideration like whether they share the same values as your team does or if your beliefs coincides to that of theirs. It’s also a plus if you conduct research on your supporters to see the causes they are likely to support.

Once you’ve picked your donor, you can now proceed to coming up with ways of raising donations!

Putting ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

There are about a thousand events that you can organize for a fundraiser like healthy potluck picnics for youth sports teams, short lessons led by the athletes themselves and the fool-proof fun runs for sportswear brands but there’s nothing wrong in going for that extra mile.

Punish the Coach

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn if your team has copious amounts of ideas on how they can get back at their coach — so why not channel it into something much healthier?

You can set a fundraising goal within your community and entice fans — or fellow athletes — to donate in exchange of the coach doing something embarrassing like being the team mascot for one game or do several run laps and burpees. It’s a sure success just on the team members alone but before anything else, make sure that your coach will volunteer to the activity.


If your team has a large following of avid fangirls — or just fans in general — you can hold an auction! For a certain amount of donations, players can be rented for a day to do a variety of chores like walking pets or cleaning basements. It goes without saying that like the above mentioned event, consent is of great importance.

Limited Merchandise

Selling merchandise is another proven fundraiser idea but there are certain cases where it doesn’t fare as well as organizers hoped it would be. A great way of ensuring that you sell every product you create is by selling them through pre-orders. The urgency in purchasing adds to the appeal to customers — if they want to offer a helping hand, now’s the right time!

Raising for Athletes

As we’ve mentioned earlier platforms like Crowdfunding are one of the most often utilized platforms in raising funding but a majority of its users are smaller clubs or individual athletes hoping to find new sponsors. Channels like Sportfunder and MAKEACHAMP are the leaders for sports-focused crowd fundraising. Should your team decided to focus on improving your team’s sponsorships, you can utilize you website to feature your statistics or you can start growing your fanbase through your social media accounts! This approach would often offer something else in exchange for the generous donations such as thank you cards or meet and greets.

Spreading Awareness

Marketing charity events have been made easier by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can create infographics sharing important information on the cause you are supporting or your benefactor or provide updates on how much money you have raised so far. Giving thanks to donors can also come in the form of retweeting their purchases or reposting their stories in Instagram. And if you have a donation page dedicated for the fundraiser, you can also link this to your website so visitors can easily access information on the event and participate!

Organizing and running a fundraiser is not an easy task, that’s why asking for a helping hand on promoting the event is highly encouraged. Aside from having experts successfully market it, they can also assess the success of your first charity program to ensure that next year, you can organize something even better!

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