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Ensure Your Ability to Raise Funds for Your Clients

Sports teams often turn to fundraising to raise money to cover specific expenses, like new uniforms, exercise equipment, or travel costs to attend a major sports event. Sometimes sports agencies launch crowdfunding initiatives to support charitable causes. Whatever reasons your clients may ve, it falls on you as their marketing consultant to advise them on how to reach their fundraising targets.


Creatitive can provide the technical support you’ll need to execute your clients’ fundraising campaigns. Many sports fundraisers now happen online. Even programs with brick-and-mortar headquarters provide online options so that people who wish to donate can do so even if they are from across the country. Our digital marketing team can help create a solid, secure, and reliable fundraising network for your client through our services.

How We Can Help

Creatitive’s expertise in website development, branding, and social media management comes in handy for sports marketing agencies that are working on fundraising campaigns.

Website Design - Give credibility to fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns by creating a dedicated website or webpage for their causes. Whether your client is raising funds for their own use, or gathering donations for philanthropy, it would be a good idea to inform potential donors about reasons for the fundraising. We can publish photos, videos, and content about the beneficiaries. Our branding experts can also lend their expertise in compelling storytelling. The goal is to show the cause in an effective way so target audiences will be encouraged to donate.

Crowdfunding - Unlike traditional fundraising, which commonly happens offline, crowdfunding is entirely conducted over the Internet. It aims to raise a specified sum by soliciting contributions from strangers from all over the world. The money can only be collected if the goal is reached, that is why crowdfunding is presented as a community effort. Our marketing pros at Creatitive can help your sports marketing agency present your client’s cause in such a way that people will be inspired to help out even in small amounts.

Social Media - Social media is a cost-effective method for promoting fundraising campaigns. Since many fundraising events are time-sensitive, the fast and far reach of social media sites will be useful for promoting these campaigns. Our experienced social media managers can help identify your clients’ target audiences and optimize posts to ensure they appear before the right people.

Take advantage of our crowdfunding marketing services for sports marketing agencies. When you support your clients’ worthwhile causes, you can earn their loyalty in return.