Fundraising and Crowdfunding for Health Advocacies

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Cover All Bases When You’re Raising Funds

There are many ways to raise money for causes, like physical health campaigns and health and wellness grants. You can stick to classic techniques, such as bake sales, dinner fundraisers, and raffles. You can take hold of an auction or set up a booth at local fairs and public gatherings. But these aren’t exactly things that you can do in the digital sphere.


Creatitive knows that there are limited possible fundraising activities for health advocacies. We also understand that digital initiatives are trickier than traditional tactics. For this reason, we offer a full suite of services that spread your message, and secure more donations and sponsorships.


Let’s define your goals and come up with a data-driven fundraising plan today.

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Raising Funds for a product or business shouldn’t be like pulling teeth

It isn’t easy to organize a fundraising project. You have to make sure it complies with state regulations. Then, you need to know your target audience and gather likeminded people who are passionate about your cause.

Focus your attention on those concerns as we do the online work for you.

Web Dev: People feel compelled to support your case if they understand your objectives and goals. They’re more likely to help when they know where their money is going. We get more people involved in your initiative through web design, SEO, and PPC services that shine the spotlight on your cause.

Crowdfunding: Tell us what you’re raising money for and we’ll boost your leads and engagement. We’re on board physical health campaigns, health and wellness products, and other initiatives that support health. Our team creates a platform that simplifies the way people can help you.

Social Media: Social media is the easiest way to connect with your target audience. We increase awareness about your cause by maximizing your social media pages and profiles. We publish engaging posts that resonate with your audience and convinces them to contribute to your cause.

Creatitive shares your passion for helping other people. We want you to exceed the fundraising goals for your mental health campaigns, healthcare grants, and other programs. So we provide a full suite of services that make your fundraising program more visible to the online community. Schedule a free consultation today with our digital marketers and get your crowdfunding efforts for healthcare off to a good start.