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So, it’s time
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In Order To Operate A Successful Gym Or Fitness Studio, You Need To Have A Brand That Gets Your Clients’ Hearts Pumping.




When a new customer walks through your doors, you want them to feel like they are already part of the team, and that’s the area where Creatitive excels the most. We have a proven track record of developing brands for fitness businesses that customers can truly identify with.


When it comes to gym marketing, we already know what works and what doesn’t, helping you to bypass the long and painful learning phase.


Do you want to advertise a new offering, such as CrossFit? Use SEO to tell more people about your new CrossFit courses. As experts in SEO for local gyms, we can help your website be found by prospects looking for fitness memberships in your area. By being present at their exact time of need, you’ll never lose another member to your competitor again. 


Frustrated with Internet Marketing?

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to improve your business online presence, social media, or search engine rankings? Common gym SEO headaches include:


  • Getting your business to show up on Google Maps when someone searches for nearby gyms.
  • Trying to find a content marketing strategy that actually works.
  • Your local listing isn’t up to date and customers can’t figure out how to contact you or what your hours are.
  • You don’t know what the best practices are in order to improve your local gym SEO and increase your site’s rankings.

Our gym marketing team at Creatitive is here to help. Let our experts take care of all of your marketing efforts so that you can focus on what really matters, helping your clients achieve all their fitness goals. From local gym SEO and CrossFit SEO to comprehensive web design, we’ve got you covered.


Reap the Benefits of Local Gym SEO


As experts in local gym SEO, Creatitive can help your gym or fitness studio be found by locals who look for the kind of memberships and classes you offer. Here are more ways you can benefit from a strong local SEO campaign that’s tailored to your gym’s needs:


Be found by more members. Proven SEO techniques push your website on the first pages of search engine results. As people on the internet are more likely to click on the websites on the first page than those in the latter pages, you get to drive more visitors to your website and create awareness of your gym.


Overtake your competition. Using SEO for CrossFit schedule announcements, for example, puts you in front of potential trainees, before your competition can reach out to them.


See measurable results. Digital marketing results are highly measurable. This lets you allocate your resources on techniques that work, so you don’t go beyond your marketing budget. 

local gym seo and crossfit seo

Create the Ultimate Website for Your Gym

It’s time to take action. Download our guide on 10 Mistakes that Business Owners Make with their Website and learn how to drive more traffic to your website, gain new customers, and increase sales now.

So, it’s time
for some gym power.

Here’s what you can get:

Custom Logo Design

Your business’s logo is one of the first things your customers notice when they land on your website or walk into your gym. It’s important that it makes a lasting impression. We’ll provide you with several custom logo designs that you can choose from and are willing to do as many revisions as necessary until you have a logo you are 100% satisfied with.

Unique Color Palettes, Fonts & Patterns

Having a professional color scheme for your website will help tremendously to separate you from your competition. You don’t just want to be another health club in your area, you want to be the best health club.

Designs for Marketing Collateral & Apparel:

Our team will provide you with merchandise and marketing designs that are consistent with your brand and allow you to dominate your industry.

  • Social headers and profile images
  • Apparel designs
  • Package designs
  • Web design mockups
Brand Guidelines

Consistency is crucial for clarity and recognition. We’ll establish a set of brand guidelines that your business can follow to keep your message clear and consistent.

Digital Marketing

You can have an amazing brand and incredible content, but if your customers can’t find you online, then none of that matters. We’ll take care of all your digital marketing efforts and make sure that everything published on your site is completely search engine friendly. Our gym SEO and CrossFit SEO experts can help you move from the bottom of Google search lists to the top.

Social Media Management

Your social media presence is important for establishing your and connecting with your audience on a personal level. We’ll provide you content you can use across various social platforms and help you manage your ads to increase local traffic to your business.

Website Design, Development & Ecommerce

We’ll develop a sleek, modern website that highlights all of your business’s greatest strengths, as well as increases your brand’s credibility in the eyes of customers. Complete with search engine optimized, compelling content, your website will be designed with a heavy sales focus in mind, allowing you to effortlessly gain new customers.

Ongoing Support & Consulting

Even after you’re up and running, Creatitive will always be there to assist as your business evolves and changes. The ongoing support we provide is one of the top reasons why our clients love our gym marketing services.

Invest in Your Local gym seo
Let our team of digital marketing pros help you to take your business to the next level today. The fitness industry is one of the most competitive spaces that currently exists, and you need every advantage you can get. Call our team at Creatitive now and schedule your first branding consultation to learn more about our local gym marketing services