Build Effective Crowdfunding Strategies for Your Small Business

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Build Effective Crowdfunding Strategies for Your Small Business

Networking is a tried and tested way of raising capital, but today’s business climate demands a more creative approach. With thousands of brands putting up shop every minute, it’s not just a battle for customers; it’s a battle for investors, as well.


Creatitive is your partner in creating crowdfunding strategies for your small business. We will help you tell a convincing brand story and woo individuals who can fund your venture.


Our team leverages digital strategies to help you secure funding. Reach out to learn more.

Creatitive Ways to Raise Capital

Whether you’re eyeing rewards-based or equity-based small business crowdfunding, our specialists help you use the digital space to attract investors.

Crowdfunding - Build a campaign with a clear, focused message. Creatitive will integrate your message into your digital marketing channels, including your website, social media accounts, emails, podcasts, live-stream feeds, and more.

Web Design - Instill confidence in potential investors by presenting a beautiful, navigable website. Creatitive builds custom sites that reflect the spirit of your brand. Your digital portal will be clutter-free, load fast, display crisp images, and contain compelling text.

Social Media - Leverage your following and let your followers in on your fundraising goals. Creatitive crafts tasteful posts, accompanied by engaging media that convince people to support your brand.

Gather Funds with Creatitive

How do you get potential funders to invest in your venture? By focusing on your brand. We narrate the positive impact of your small business and highlight how funding will amplify that effect.

Tell a Great Story - Every great brand starts with a great story. Our team will let potential investors feel like they are part of your journey and that they, too, are part of the positive impact you make.

Exhibit Professionalism - All digital elements, from the text to the graphics, foster trust. We forge a brand image that’s reliable, socially conscious, and at the same time, focused on results.

Stay True to Your Brand - Our team doesn’t embellish or stray from your business story. We craft transparent messages and align our strategies with your brand’s values.

Let Creatitive be part of your success story. Schedule a free consultation and allow us to help you in your crowdfunding efforts.

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